As an avid One Piece fan, you have journeyed with the Straw Hat Pirates through countless adventures over the years Through it all, you have come to know and love the eccentric yet endearing characters that make up the crew. However, no tale has been quite as poignant or moving as the Weng Country arc Even Ecce Oda, the masterful creator of the One Piece series, was brought to tears upon concluding this saga

The One Piece Wano Arc: A Tale That Moved Eiichiro Oda to Tears

The One Piece Wano Arc: A Tale That Moved Eiichiro Oda to Tears

luffy One Piece is Real
As an avid One Piece fan, you have journeyed with the Straw Hat Pirates through countless adventures over the years Through it all, you have come to know and love the eccentric yet endearing characters that make up the crew. However, no tale has been quite as poignant or moving as the Weng Country arc Even Ecce Oda, the masterful creator of the One Piece series, was brought to tears upon concluding this saga

As an avid One Piece fan, you have journeyed with the Straw Hat Pirates through countless adventures over the years Through it all, you have come to know and love the eccentric yet endearing characters that make up the crew. However, no tale has been quite as poignant or moving as the Weng Country arc Even Ecce Oda, the masterful creator of the One Piece series, was brought to tears upon concluding this saga

What unfoles in Ware Country will tug at your heartstrings and reaffirm why you fell in love with One Piece in the first place. Epic battles between good and evil ensue, but at the core is a story of human struggle, loss, and redemption. By the end, you will have borne witness to a transformative journey that reminds us of the indomitable human spelt. Prepare to join Luffy and his crew on an adventure through Wine Country that will song resonate within you.

An Overview of One Piece and Its Creator, Eiichiro Oda

An Overview of One Piece and Its Creator, Eiichiro Oda

Extra Doa is a Japanese manga artist and the creator of the popular manga series One Piece First seized in 1997, One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew, the Straw Hat Piraten, as they explore the Grand Line in search of the sitimate treasure known as “One Piece to become the next Pirate King

Oda’s creation of One Piece has cemented his status as one of the most successful manga artists of all time. The manga has sold over $16.6 million copies worldwide, holding the Guinness World Record for the most coples published for the same comic book penes by a single author. Oda’s imaginative storytelling and humor have resonated with fans globally

The Wang Arc which aired from 2019, culminated in a battle that moved Oda himself to tears. He has said: “When I was drawing the climax of the Wang Arc, couldn’t stop crying has been working on One Piece for over 20 years, and this was the first time that happened.” The arc showcased compelling characters, high stakes, and impactful moments particularly between Lofty and his brother Ace’s friend Yamato that demonstrated the series enduring ability to inspire emotion

Oda’s devotion to One Piece in unparaleled. He has been the sale writer and Illustrator for over 20 years, an incredible feat that demonstrates his passion for the series and its characters, One Piece has become a global phenomenon unde Oda’s guidance, cementing its status as an influential work of fiction with a message of following one’s dreams against all oda

Introducing the Wano Country Arc

Introducing the Wano Country Arc

The Wang Country arc is set in a isolated nation modeled after feudal Japan. In this arc, Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates journey to the mysterious Wano Country, a land that has been completely isolated from the outside world for centuries. The country has been under the tyrannical rule of the shogun Kurazumi Orochi and the Beasts Pirates captain Kaido However, a prophecy states that nine samurai will overthrow Orochi and open Wane’s borders

Upon arriving in Westly and his alles on forces with the Nine Red Scabbards, a group of power samurai who were comrades of the former shogun Koru Oden. Doen was executed 20 years ago after attempting to open Wand’s borders against Ougnis wishes. Now the Nine Red Scabbards seek to tatil Oden’s dream and tree the nation from Orestis oppressive rule. Led by Kingman master swordsman with the ability to create realistic disguises, the alliance begins making preparations for an all-out assault on Orochi and Kado

During their journey. Luffy and his friends encounter many dangers and meet several formidable opponents, including the Beasts Pirates All-Stars However, they also gain new alies such as Yamato, the son of Kaido, who opposes his father’s tyrannical ways. After many clase calls and hard-fought battles, the alliance is finally ready to launch an attack Onigashing the land where Orochi and Kaido have established their headquarters What follows is an immense battle that will determine the fate of Wano Country

Through this arc, chiro Oda crafts a tale filed with emotion, courage and the timeless themes of freedom, oppression and human struggle. The Wang Country arc is truly a journey that has resonated with Oda and moved him to tears. For One Piece fans, this arc is shaping up to be one of the series most monumental and impactful stories yet.

Major Characters and Plotlines in the Wano Arc

The Way Arc Introduces several compelling characters that ove the plot forward

Kozuki Oden

Open is a legendary samurai who was executed 20 years before the current storyline. He was the Daimyo of Kin and a member of the Kazuki Family, the shogunate that originally nuded over Wane Country. Odons death at the hands of Croch and Kedo has had a lasting impact on ang and inspires others to continue his quest to open Wang’s borders.

Kozuki Momonosuke

Memoncouke is Oder’s son and the rightful heir to the shogunate. Though just a child. Momonosuke aims to fumit nis father’s dream of opening Wang’s borders and freeing its people from Organi and Kaidos tyrannical rule. He joins forces with the Straw Hat pirates to defeat rog and Kaldg, reclaim his family’s position, and become the Shogun of Was.


Kaido is one of the Four Emperors, the most notorious pirate captains in the world. Twenty years ago, Kaido allied with 2010 overthrow Oden and take control of Wang Country Known as the Strongest Creature in the Workst, Keigo rules Yg with an iron fist and oppresses its people. He aims to build a massive pirate empire and views as crucial to his plant Kaido serves as the main antagonist that Lufty and his alles must defeat to liberate Wano.


Or is the self-proclaimed Shogun of Wang Country who took power after helping Kaige overthrow Oden. Though not physicalty strong. Orochi is manipulative, cunning and cruel. He lives a life of decadence and greed at the expense of Wano’s starving populace. Orgcty sorven Kaido loyally but secretly aims to gain more power and influence. He views the Koguk Family as a throat to his rule and seeks to wipe them out completely.

The Wang Arc follows the Straw Hat pirates as they ally with the Kozuk) Family and the people of Wagg to defeat Kaito and bring down their tyrannical rule and open Wang’s borders ti a tale of courage against oppression and good triumphing over ev that moved Eichiro Oda to tears.

Why Wano Arc Was Emotionally Moving for Oda

Espiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has said the Wang Are brought him to tears at times
while conceptualizing and writing it. There are a few reasons why this part of the story was particularly moving for Oda.

A Culmination of Years of Buildup

The Wano Arc pays aiff narrative threads that have been woven through One Piece for over 20 years Characters and plot points that were first introduced back in the late 1990s finally come to fruition, creating a sense of catharsis for both Oda and longtime fans. After so much anticipation, socing these
story beats unfold was surely an emotional experience for Oda.

Poignant themes of oppression and freedom

The Wang Arc tackles heavy themes like tyranny, oppression, and the fighting for freedom and justion
The Beasts Pesten have taken control of Wang Country and cruelly subjugated its people. Oda has said these themes of overcoming oppression resonated strongly with him while writing the arc Crafting a story about people rising up against their oppressors to regain their freedom and dignity Skely struck an emotional chora.

A tribute to Japanese history and culture

The Wand Arc pays homage to Japanese historical figures and incorporates many aspects of traditional Japanese culture, architecture, and fashion. As a proud Japanese man, Oda was surely moved by weaving those titutes to his cultural heritage into One Ploco. Honoring one’s history and traditions in this Type here to searchy way can be a source of deep emotion.

In the end, a combination of narrative payoff, poignant themes, and celebrating Japanese culture contributed to making the Wang Arc an emotionally impactful tale for Eiichiro Oda to craft. After decades of dedication to One Piece, seeing this part of the story come together in such a meaningful way must have been a profoundly moving experience for him. It’s no wonder this are brought the master storyteller to tears.

Top 5 Most Emotional Moments From Wano

The Wang Arc is a tale that moved Fichiro Oda to tears due to the emotional moments throughout this saga. Below are the top 5 most poignant scenes that touched the heart of the creator and fans alike

1.Oden’s Execution

The tyrannical shogun Kaido executes the beloved Oden by boiling him alive in oil. Oden faces his demise with courage and honor, refusing to scream in anguish. His retainers can only watch in horror and grief, powerless to save their lord. Oden’s stoicism and bravery in the face of a gruesome death is a poignant moment that shows the depth of his character.

2.Oden’s Flashback

A series of flashbacks show Oden’s life, from his wild youth to becoming a wise ruler. His death is given more emotional weight through these memories of his life, relationships, and personal journey, Fans gain a deeper understanding and attachment to Oden, making his execution all the more tragic.

3.Toki’s Prophecy

Oden’s wife Toki has the ability to travel through time. Before Oden marches off to his doom, Toki gives a prophecy that Oden’s scabbards will open Wand’s borders in 20 years. Her poignant belief in a future Oden will not live to see shows the depth of her love and hope.

4.Yasuie’s Execution

The kindly Yasule allows himself to be unfairly executed to protect others and spark the rebellion against Kaide. His death is a heartbreaking moment that shows his selflessness and the injustice of Kaido’s rule.

5.Oden and Whitebeard

Flashbacks show Oden’s time with the Whitebeard Pirates, who were like family to him. Whitebeard’s later death during the Paramount War and Oden’s own death highlight the poignancy of last bonds between loved ones, and how the present is built upon the sacrifices of the past..

The emotional moments throughout Wang demonstrate Oda’s skill in crafting a story that profoundly moves both the characters within the tale and the fans who follow their journey. Through both tragedy and hope, the arc highlights the human themes of love, courage and sacrifice.

How Wano Expanded the One Piece World and Lore

The Wano Country arc significantly expanded the lore and worldbuilding of the One Piece series. This isolated nation had been shrouded in mystery since its first mention in the Thriler Bark arc. As the Straw Hats finally set foot on its shores, readers were introduced to an expansive new setting with a rich history and culture.

A Window into the Void Century

Wang Country was revealed to have deep ties to the mysterious Void Century, a period of missing history that has long intrigued fans. The arc shed light on connections between Wang and the Ancient Kingdom, as well as the role that Kozuki Oden and his ancestors played. Cryptic references to “the dawn” and a prophecy involving the “borders” of Wang hint at its significance.

Mythical Zoans and Ancient Giants

The arc introduced several new Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits and delved into the history of the Ancient Giants. Mythical Zoans like the Nika, Uo Uo no Mi Model: Seiryu, and Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus have expanded the possibilities of transformation abilities. The revelation that Wang was once home to a race of Ancient Giants gave more context about these immense and long-lived beings.

A Tale That Moved Eiichiro Oda to Tears

In an interview, Eichiro Oda said the Wang arc contained a tale that brought him to tears as he wrote it. Fans have speculated this tale may involve the backstory of Kozuki Oden and his quest to open Wang’s borders. Oden’s life mirrored the arc’s themes of inherited will and the dawn of a new era. His death at the hands of Kaldo and Orochi served as a sobering reminder of the high costs of fighting for freedom and purpose. Whatever tale elicited such emotion from Oda is sure to resonate powerfully with readers.

The Wang Country arc wove history, mythology, and prophecy into a poignant saga of struggle and sacrifice. By peeling back the layers of this mysterious nation, Oda crafted a story that both broke and swelled the hearts of his most dedicated fans. Wano stands as a high mark of worldbuilding in the series and a tale readers will ponder for years to come.

Fan Reactions: Wano as a Turning Point in One Piece

The Wang Arc has been an emotional journey for fans of the One Piece anime and manga. As the story built up over years, viewers became deeply invested in the characters and their struggles. When the arc reached its climax, many fans reported being moved to tears.

A Bittersweet Victory

After years of suffering under the tyrannical rule of Kaldo and Crochi, the people of Wano finally tasted freedom. However, the victory was bittersweet, as it came at the cost of Kintamon, Kiky, and Ashura Doji’s lives. Kinemon in particular had been a steadfast companion to the Straw Hats since Punk Hazard. His death dealt an emotional blow to both the characters and the fans who had grown attached to him over hundreds of chapters and episodes.

Tragedy and Hope

While the raid on Onigashima was successful, the Flower Capital descended into chaos. Fans watched in horror as the citizens were overrun by Beasts Pirates and confronted with the truth of Orochi’s evil. However, in the darkness came a glimmer of hope. The formation of the Nine Red Scabbards and the return of the Kozuki clan gave the people the courage to rise up against their oppressors. The fanbase rejoiced at seeing the tyrants finally get their just deserts.

Oda’s Emotional Connection

In an SBS, Elichiro Oda revealed that he cried while drawing the scene of the Flower Capital citizens cheering for the Kazuki clan. After following their suffering for over 20 years of serialization, witnessing their liberation and joy proved too much for the mangaka. His deep emotional connection to the story and characters resonated with fans, who felt similarly moved by this poignant moment.

The Wang Arc struck a chord with One Piece fans around the world. Through the bittersweet victory, tragedy, and ultimate hope, viewers forged an unbreakable bond with the people of Wang and their champions, the Straw Hat Pirates. Like Oda, fans shed tears of sorrow and joy as this epic tale of liberation at last came to an end. The arc cemented itself as a turning point that demonstrated the power of Oda’s storytelling.

The Importance of Wano Themes: Isolation, Tradition and Rebellion

The Wang Arc has touched on several meaningful themes that have resonated with both the characters in the story as well as the audience.


Wang has been closed off from the outside world for centuries. This has allowed the culture to remain unchanged but has also bred ignorance of the outside world. The citizens know little of Devil Fruits, technology, or events happening beyond their borders. This isolation has made them vulnerable to manipulation and control,

Opening Wano’s borders has been a goal of the alliance in order to free the country from Kaldo and Orochi’s tyrannical rule. Exposing Wage to the modern world will help its citizens become more open-minded and aware of the powers that have long oppressed them.


The Wang country has a long, rich history filled with ritual and custom. However, some traditions have become outdated and are used by the corrupt leaders to maintain control, Strict class systems, for example, have given more power and privilege to those at the top while limiting the lower classes.

Certain characters like Momonosuke and Yamato represent a new generation that honors the virtues of traditional Wang culture but also recognizes the need for progress. They aim to rule in a way that will uphold the meaningful traditions of the past while doing away with those that are no longer beneficial.


The alliance’s goal to open Wang’s borders is an act of rebellion against the rule of Kaldo and Orochi. Momonosuke Kintemon, and the Akazaya Nine have spent years plotting to overthrow the tyrannical leaders and liberate their home country,

The rebellion represents the citizens’ desire for freedom and justice. Though outmatched in strength, the alliance has fought strategically and with great courage and heart. Their refusal to give in to oppression has rallied more citizens and allies to join their cause. Victory will mark the end of a dark era in Wang’s history and the beginning of a new age of independence and self-governance.

The compelling themes in the Weng Arc have resonated deeply with Eiichiro Oda and One Piece fans around the world. Though a work of fiction, it tells a story of struggle that is all too familler in our real world.

Wano Arc FAQ: Answering the Biggest Questions for Fans

The Wano Arc has raised many questions in the minds of One Piece fans. Here are answers to some of the biggest FAQS about this enthralling saga:

What is the significance of Wano’s borders being closed?

Wang Country has kept its borders closed off for centuries under the rule of the shogun and his allies. This allowed them to avoid outside influence and maintain their way of life, but it also prevented travel and cultural exchange. The borders are heavily guarded to prevent anyone from entering or leaving Wang without permission. Now that Luffy and the Straw Hats have arrived, the isolated nation will inevitably open up to the rest of the world.

Why did Orochi take over and how did he gain control?

Orochi seized power in Wang after the former shogun, Kazuki Oden, was executed 20 years ago. Orochi conspired with Kaido and the Beasts Pirates to overthrow Oden by manipulating and betraying his allies. With Oden gone, Orach became the new shogun and has since ruled Wano with an iron fist alongside Kaido. They have oppressed the people and hoarded resources for themselves.

What role will the Akazaya Nine play?

The Akazaya Nine were close alles of Oden and have been secretly opposing Orochi’s tyrannical rule for the past two decades. They represent the last hope for the Kozuki cian to regain control of Wano. Each of the Nine has a special ability and weapon, and together they are a formidable force. Now that Luffy and his allies have arrived, the Akazaya Nine will likely join forces with them to defeat Kaldo, Orochi and the Beasts Pirates, and put Oden’s son Momonosuke on the shogun throne.

How will Wano’s borders open up?

When Kaido and Orochi are overthrown, Wang’s borders will finally open. Momonosuke as the new shogun will welcome foreign visitors and trade. The World Government and other nations will likely try to take advantage of Wano’s resources but the Straw Hats and their allies will protect the country’s autonomy. Open borders will allow Wang to prosper while maintaining its cultural identity, ushering in a new era of peace and prosperity.


As you have witnessed, the Wano arc is a tale of humanity, heartbreak and hope. Eiichiro Oda has woven an intricate story that tugs at the heartstrings and evokes a rollercoaster of emotions. Though the Straw Hats and their allies faced tremendous losses and defeats, their indomitable spirit to fight for freedom and a better future ultimately triumphed.

Like Luffy, find the courage within yourself to stand up for what you believe in. Let compassion and kindness be your guiding light. Together, we can overcome the darkest of days and build a more just world for all. The Wano arc reminds us that there is always hope, even in humanity’s darkest hours. Hold onto that hope it will sustain you through life’s harshest storms.


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