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How many types of tokens and coins are there in crypto ?


Mar 17, 2023

How many types of tokens and coins are there in crypto?

Cryptocurrencies: those are digital currencies that use encryption strategies to alter the generation of gadgets and verify the transfer of budget. Examples encompass bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. Utility tokens: these are tokens which can be used to get right of entry to a specific services or products within a blockchain network.

Examples include binance coin (bnb) and chainlink (link). Security tokens: those are tokens that represent ownership in a actual-international asset, together with shares, bonds, or actual property. Examples consist of tzero and polymath.

Stablecoins: these are coins which are pegged to the cost of a real-world asset, along with the us greenback, for you to limit volatility. Examples include tether (usdt) and usd coin (usdc).

Governance tokens: these are tokens that give holders the ability to vote on choices associated with the governance of a blockchain network. Examples consist of makerdao (mkr) and compound (comp). Non-fungible tokens (nfts): these are particular virtual assets which are indivisible and feature their own wonderful houses. Examples consist of cryptokitties and nba pinnacle shot.

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