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World war first Indian soldiers.


Feb 16, 2023

World war first Indian soldiers.

1914 world war Indian soldiers full information.

World war-1 Painful Story of Indian Soldiers.

British offensive against India in 1914.

This war is
believed to be the greatest war ever fought. No such war was fought for the next 60 to 70 years.
During the First
World War, many countries in the world fought each other, and soldiers from some countries lost their lives in pain. World War II lasted from July 28, 1914, to November 11, 1918. This terrible four-year war seemed like a war of the gods.

This war was fought between two groups of which one is a member of the Allied Powers – Russia, France, Britain, Japan, and America and on the other side is the Central Powers whose members are – Germany, Austria, Hungary, Kingdom Great Ottoman.
Before that, let’s
talk about the reason for this, which is related to their main book.

  • how many Indian soldiers died in world war 1

To maintain their balance of power (power), different countries have made secret agreements with each other. These agreements are so limited that other countries are not aware of them. Some other countries are not aware of these agreements

The first third union – this between Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary in 1882 AD. It happened that. Due to problems in one of the three countries, the other two countries stayed on the coast to protect the country.

Entente – It happened in 1907 between France, Great Britain, and Russia. First, in 1904, there was an agreement between Britain and France called the Entente Cordiale. In 1907, Russia also joined them, as a result of the so-called Triple Entente. Because of the war – the first agreement of alliance because of these agreements, many countries participated in the war even without knowing it.

Militarism –
Every country rushes to make new weapons, new tanks, machine guns, and bigger armies, ships, and planes to show that they are more powerful. Britain and Germany were at the forefront of all this as the industrial revolution was spreading rapidly in these countries. To take the lead in this race, all countries showed their strength and this became the main reason for the world war. Even France and Germany spent 85 percent of their national income on armaments.

Imperialism – To put it simply, at that time, the countries of Western Europe wanted to dominate other countries and continue their wars with everything. Great Britain is in the lead in this area with 25% of the world. He had also taken India under his rule, which continued to play corrupt politics and brutal attacks.

1917, America entered the First World War. At first, America was not interested in war, it only profited by selling weapons to other countries. But as soon as it was known that Germany had destroyed a ship named Lucy Tania from England.

Of the 1153 passengers and of those who died, 128 were Americans. The American president did not see the fact that 128 of his fellow citizens died.

At the same time, Germany wrote a letter (leta) to America’s neighboring country, Mexico, at the same time, in which he talked about going to war with America.

This letter fell directly into the hands of America, because of which America cried out in anger at this betrayal of Germany. Now America has two main reasons to go to war with Germany. At the same time, US President Woodrow Wilson withdrew both measures from the US Congress. As a result, Woodrow Wilson passed 14 letters written that America will participate in this war and bring peace to the world. Will destroy imperialism and at the same time give freedom to slave countries.

Thanks to America, the League of Nations was created so that such wars do not happen again in the world and immediately put an end to doubt.

Having said
all this, America joined the war, but it joined on behalf of Britain and France in order to give an appropriate response to Germany.

stories of Indian soldiers in world war 1

The First World War was a surprise to the whole world who had never thought of such a thing before. India contributed a lot in the First World War, but only a few people in the world know about this sacrifice. In some places around the world, tributes are paid to dead Indian soldiers.

1914 world war Indian soldiers full information.

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  • Indian soldiers in world war 2

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