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Impotence, STD disease, Important for man. the sexual problem in males.

Impotence also occurs in those who drink or drink excessively. In this disease, copulatory power is weakened. In male, the excitement ends and if the tension does not come in the penis, if it comes, it ends soon. Many other mental illnesses can also occur due to this disease. The following are the home remedies for this disease:

Peel 6-8 buds of garlic and fry them in ghee and eat it. Raw buds (two) can also be taken with honey.

In the morning, taking an equal quantity of basil seeds and jaggery with warm milk of cow removes impotence. Drink milk by adding two cherries and kismis.

Mix equal quantity of honey + cow ghee + white onion juice and take it with milk.

Taking equal quantity of liquorice and honey in half a weight of cow\’s ghee and drinking milk over it increases the coping power.

After intercourse, drinking a bit of milk after pouring a half- dry ginger, gives strength.

Grind one tola asparagus in one liter of milk and when the milk remains half-cooked, add sugar candy and drink, it increases libido and does not make the penis lose.


Licking honey mixed with onion juice increases semen.

1 cup of sugarcane juice with lime equivalent to wheat grains, eliminates the impotence of husband and wife grains. Increases sperm in the husband and egg in the wife.

STD / Diseases caused by prostitution #

Nux Vomica -200 #

In case of masturbation, give 1-1 drop in the morning, afternoon, evening. #

AIDS # Drink half a cup of cow urine every morning on an empty stomach 1 hour before eating food.

Impotence, STD disease, Important for man. the sexual problem in males.

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