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# Premature Ejaculation often occurs to those who adopt the process of coitus against nature. Masturbation, oral sex, or reading excessive pornography. Or engage in excessive sex.

The main symptom of this disease is that at the time of sexual intercourse, the man ejaculates before satisfying the woman and this is called premature ejaculation.

Many times a man gets ejaculated only by embracing or kissing a woman, but by taking home medicine and reading good literature, this disease can be easily overcome. Some of its home remedies are as follows:

This disease is cured by eating a banana cooked with a spoon of cow\’s ghee for one month continuously on an empty stomach in the morning.

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Make pudding by roasting urad flour in ghee and adding sugar in place of sugar and eating continuously in the morning according to your digestive power will reduce premature ejaculation.

Lick 10 grams of ghee + 5 grams of honey + 10 grams of licorice and drink warm milk also; take it only after sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation will go away slowly and there will be no weakness.

Eat chhaura kheer( milkshake of Date fruit or Phoenix Dactylifera is one of the most nutritious foods known as chhuara )and make it cool and it will strengthen semen.

Premature Ejaculation

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Mix cinnamon oil and olive oil in equal quantity and massage the penis before going to bed at night, then there will be stiffness in the penis.

Make a powder by taking an equal quantity of mustard and castor seeds and mix it with sesame oil and massage the penis.

Applying clove oil on the penis helps in removing premature ejaculation. Grind 8 almond kernels + 8 grains of black pepper, 5 grams of dry ginger, and sugar candy and take it with milk daily in the morning. Pillowing power will increase

Emission # When sleeping at night or only in the day when the ejaculation is ejaculated, it is called Emission.

Sensual scenes sit in the mind by watching erotic scenes, watching movies, or reading pornographic books. Those who dream. This is the reason the semen gets ejaculated. Some of the home remedies to remove it are as follows:

After waking up in the morning, drinking cold water kept in the copper plate, this disease is cured. People of warm nature should adopt this habit.

Eating bananas with honey in the morning provides relief in Emission.

Grind an equal quantity of dry coriander and sugar candy with cold water. Complaint of Emission will go away.

The powder of licorice mixed with honey and cow\’s ghee is used to remove dream defects.

Drinking Gulkand(mixer of Rose Petals and sugar and honey) mixed with cow\’s milk eliminates the dream defect.

Soak 10 grams of acacia gum in the night and drink it in the morning mixed with sugar candy and the dream will be cured soon.

Eating ripe bananas with sugar candy also eliminates nightmares.

Stay away from lust and masturbation, always be happy and be in good company.

Do yoga and exercise. Will definitely benefit.

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