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The nervous system, nervous system, definition, function, structure, facts

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Epilepsy # Most people get epilepsy from physically and mentally weak people. Excessive alcohol consumption, excessive physical labor, head injuries can cause this disease. In this disease, there is a sudden seizure and the patient falls. The hands and neck stiffen, the eyelids stop in one place, the patient claps his hands and feet, the tongue does not stiffen, speech does not come out, yellow foam comes out of the mouth. Teething and body trembling are common. All around either black appears dark or everything looks white. Such seizures can last from 10-15 minutes to 1-2 hours. When the patient regains consciousness, he is tired and falls asleep. Home Remedies In case of the following

(1)seizure, make the patient lie down on the right side so that all the foam comes out of his mouth easily. Do not feed anything to the patient during the seizure but should smell the smell of ammonia or lime during the seizure. This can remove his fainting.

Drink 1 teaspoon of Brahmi herb juice every morning and evening.

Lick 20 grams of shankhpushpi juice and 2 grams powder of kutki mixed with honey.

Make a paste by grinding soft neem leaves, celery and black salt all in water.

Adding a few drops of juice of custard apple leaves to the nose of the patient quickly results in sensation.

Mixing asafetida in lemon juice and licking it is very beneficial.

Crush 4-5 leaves of basil and add camphor to it and smell the patient.

Mixing onion juice in water and giving it a drink is also very beneficial.

Mixing the juice of henna leaves in milk and drinking it is very beneficial.

Paralysis # Paralysis results when half of the body of the patient becomes insensitive. Due to the formation of more gas in the stomach, the pressure of air on the brain and the increase in air pressure on the heart causes the air to blow on the body. As a result, a person becomes paralyzed. Muscles become relaxed. Half of the body becomes crooked. There is numbness in that part and there is no sensation when touched. The brain also reduces functioning. The following are its domestic tips:

– Rhus. Tox. – Turn 3 into 30, 15 – 15 minutes – Give two drops on the tongue. Morning – noon – evening for at least 1 month.

– Causticum – 1M Give 2-2 drops three times on the second day. Half an hour or a quarter of an hour should be given one day in a week. Can be completely cured in two – three months. Always give vegetarian food. Chai – Never give enough.

Put 2-2 drops of cow\’s ghee in the nose after sleeping a little at night. Cow\’s ghee has the power to remove the frozen blood in the brain.

Make the powder by grinding equal quantity of mustard and aquera and mix it with honey and make a paste and 3 times a day, the complaint of paralysis on the tongue will go away.

– Boil 8-10 garlic buds in 250 ml cow\’s milk. Feed the patient when it is thick. There will be comfort in illness.

Drinking water from dry ginger and urad is very beneficial for paralysis.

Mixing one spoon of the powder of cotton root in honey is beneficial.

Grind 5-6 raw buds of garlic and mix it with honey and lick it.

Urad + Seed seed + Castor root + Bal + Asafoetida rock salt and a little honey – make an decoction by taking all equal amounts and feed it to the patient. There will be comfort in illness.

Grind a little black pepper in 250 grams mustard oil and massage it.

Lick the powder of flax seeds in honey and give benefit to the patient.

Take equal quantity of acorn leaves, sambar horn and dry ginger – drink it in water and apply it on paralyzed area.

Make 8-10 leaves of basil, rock salt and curd sauce and apply it on paralyzed area.

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