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Migraine, what is migration headache? , migration home treatment, Migraine treatment Ayurveda.

Migraine, what is migration headache?

# migraine pain mostly occurs during the day. This is due to excessive mental labour, due to metal defects in the body due to the formation of air in the stomach. It is more in women than men. Migraine occurs only in the half of the head and there is severe pain and the patient becomes restless. Following are its home remedies:

Grind the henna leaves and apply it on the forehead.

Putting mustard oil in the nose at the time of pain and pulling it upwards provides great relief in pain.

Add the ghee of the native cow to the nostrils.

Lick a patient with a pinch of naval and a spoonful of ginger juice in honey.

Back Pain # Nowadays many people complain of back pain. Women have this pain due to white leucorrhoea or menstrual disturbances, and men develop this disease due to overexertion or windstorm or incorrectly sitting or sleeping. Its home remedies are the following:


Heat and massage by adding dry ginger in mustard oil, you will get relief.

Heat mustard oil by applying mustard oil and tie it on the waist.

This is the most useful and effective recipe. Make a decoction of peepal bark and take it in the morning and evening.

Put a little camphor in mustard oil and heat it in the sun and massage it at the waist.

The best remedy for back pain is that you do regular asanas and pranayama, there are some asanas especially for back pain. You can get advice from a good yoga practitioner.

(Arthritis) – The patient should never have an operation for arthritis.

Arthritis patients can eat 2 grams of lime in a day and healthy man should eat only 1 gram of lime, with curd, buttermilk or by mixing it with water.

Soak fenugreek seeds in hot water at night and drink water as soon as you wake up in the morning and chew fenugreek seeds – chew them.

Mixing cow\’s ghee(butter) in cow\’s milk and mixing it with some myrrh/MYROBALAN always give it in the evening.

Fenugreek+turmeric • Grind equal amount of dry ginger and prepare powder and take 1 teaspoon daily in the morning on an empty stomach for at least one and a half months to two months.

The most alkaline is the night Jasmin the leaves of the adorned tree or Parijat tree( night-flowering coral jasmine), the sauce is to be made by grinding on 5 to 7 leaf stones and boiling them in 1 glass of water until the water becomes half a glass, after which it is made with tea. Like to drink anything on an empty stomach every morning for 1 hour before eating anything, in 15 to 20 days, the disease will start to get relief. In the case of both arthritis (remitted and mediastinal), 20-20 years old arthritis pain is cured by this. Make it at night, drink it in the morning, for 3 months. In the case of picking leaves of the night jasmine tree, do not take chuna ( whitewash ) and neither should take fenugreek seeds.

Parijat leaf (night-flowering coral jasmine) decoction is also used for cartilage and Rh factor problems. If the situation of hip joint or neo-joint extract has come, then take the medicine regularly from today.

Never eat ice cream and if you are compelled, drink ghee( butter) in hot water on top of it. This will reduce the side effects of ice cream in the body.

Cinnamon • Drink ginger juice mixed with jaggery, those who also have arthritis. The same people with asthma can drink every morning in the morning for 1 hour before eating anything. Eat peanuts and sesame seeds daily. After eating food, definitely eat sesame and jaggery. It will be very good if we get black sesame seeds.

Especially for those who want to avoid diseases like Arthritis, Asthma, Obesity and Heart attacks. Eat lime for any disease of bones. Heel pain and elbow\’s pain will be cured by drinking water after choking.

Migraine, what is migration headache?

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