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# (People with bile effects range from 14 years to 60 years) – From 14 years to 60 years, the entire body is under the influence of bile. The phlegm of the people of bile decreases and Vata is very less. People of bile nature should sleep at least 6 hours and more than 8 hours. It is very important to wake up the people of gall in Brahma Muhurta i.e. wake up at 4 in the morning. People of bile nature should clean their teeth with cassia or bitter and fatty items or give neem teeth. Toad for Madar, Babool, Arjuna, Mango, Guava etc.

Not until after rain starts from January until it starts to rain. At this time the nectar of the neem will balance the bile. During this time, in addition to neem, one can also donate to Madan or Acacia. In the rainy season, the mango datun ( brush) or the arjun tree, in the cold season, make guava or berries.

Neem can be cultivated throughout the year, but after 3 to 3 months, leave a few days and in those days make a toothbrush of cow dung ashes. Secondly, the teeth can be cleaned by mixing oil – turmeric – salt according to the effect of any area. Cow dung ash camphor •

By adding alum salt, cow dung can make a dental brush. For toothbrush, finely grind Triphala powder and mix some rock salt. Grind triphala powder to eat and grind it coarsely. There are 8 to 10 types of teeth and 12 types of teeth.

Morning – morning saliva balances the bile. Therefore, it should be allowed to go into the stomach at the time of tooth. The paste contains sugar in the form of saccharin. Sugar and bile are not formed.

In the morning – if sweet (in the form of sugar / or in the form of saccharin) goes continuously in the mouth, very soon the teeth will be spoiled All pastes are made from dead animal bones.

Collegiate is being made from dead pig bones and pepsodent is being made from dead cow bones and clauses and forenses are being made from bones of goats and goats. Tooth powder of Triphala powder can be used in any season. Massage and exercise to people of bile nature later. Exercise for individuals with bile predominance first massage afterwards.

Stop exercising when you sweat in your armpits. According to the climate of India, one should not run in the morning every morning because the wind is very strong while running. India is a country of vata nature. Which means dry country where dry air moves. Exercises that are done slowly.

For example, according to the nature of India, Surya Namaskar which is the best, apart from this, any small level exercise that does not sweat. Exercise for mothers not to sweat.

Mothers do not need exercise if they are engaged in kitchen work. Especially for those mothers who run a mill or make chutney on the floor. Very good exercise for sisters is to lean forward from the waist, bend as much as you can. Massage is also necessary for mothers and sisters.

Along with body massage, you have to massage the head and ears and soles more. Have to hone after the massage. Bath has to be done with boiling etc. This is followed by 20 minutes rest or 10 minutes of bajrasana after meals and meals. Then the work of the day – followed by a meal of 6-7 pm in the evening, then sleeping after 2 hours, is the same rule for gallstones.

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