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Old age routine, People after the age of 60 years of people with the effects of Vata(gastric) Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options.

Vata prevails in the body when it is more than 60 years old. It is natural to have problems of Vata in these days. People who are 60 years old or more. Exercise is prohibited for them. Like – children are prohibited. Massage is very important for such people. Just like the children of Vata. Massage has to be done more than the head, soles and ears. If you exercise, then lighten it completely. The rule of sweating will not apply to them. People of Vata should do more and more comfort. Worship – Recitation and devotion to God should be done at most. People of Vata should do very little running. And more work should be done to give directions. Human urine also serves as a medicine. That is, anyone can drink their own form of medicine. Swayamutra can drink only then and there. Those who are completely vegetarian, do not consume meat, alcohol, eggs etc. Gowmutra is always better than human urine in the morning – the first urine after waking up in the morning, leave a little bit of the beginning in it and leave a little of the last, that is, to take the middle. Swayamutra will work in 100 to 103 diseases. Vata and Kapha diseases will be very useful. A little less work will be done in diseases of bile./Rule of Fasting # Fasting is the action of purification of the body, which includes the body, mind and mind. Fasting 1 day in 7 days is very good. But drink water from time to time on that day. The rules of fasting have been made to balance the excess of food in the body. On the day of fasting, the action of acid formation in the stomach is continued, which should be drunk with water to neutralize it. Which is considered to be a very bad acid. Not getting water can also burn acid intestines, which can cause serious illness. Any part of the body does not repair if it has permanent damage. In the intestines, ulcers, peptic ulcers, wounds can form. Due to which the bowels may also have to be removed in a more serious condition. Hence, one should not fast for cleanliness. Longer fasts are not good for those who eat vegetarian food. But those who eat non-vegetarian food. They must fast for a long time. The dragon eats once and fasts for 15 days. Eating meat slows down the acid producing glands in the body, due to which the acid is less released even on fasting days.

During a long fast, cloves, moong dal or ghee should be drunk after adding them to the water. Boil the water and add some lime (sure water) and drink it. Eating one day and fasting one day is very good in the condition of long fasting. Doing this will bring trouble for a few days, but later on, acrid will also start coming out accordingly. There is no fast for the farmers working in the field or those who do more physical labor. During fasting, cow ghee should be consumed in water. Along with this, Mishriyashhad can also be taken with water or on fasting days, native jaggery and lemonade can be drunk in water. The law of body postures is arranged in such a way that the best state of the body is to sleep, walk and sit. Therefore, the system of the body is not designed to stand. So in daily life / at least one should stand. In the standing position, the force of gravity affects the area above the navel, which has not been considered good in terms of health. The body of four-footers is of a standing nature. There should be equal weight on both legs while walking or standing. While walking, first of all the heel should touch the ground, then the sole should touch it. After this, the claw should be touched. High heel shoes – Slippers should never be worn. When leaving the house, first of all, take out the right leg, that is, the frame. The right leg should be removed first outside the threshold. While going out of the house for any purpose. While entering the temple, first of all, the right foot should enter inside the temple. Right step outside means your sunrise should go on. Suryanadi should be run while entering the temple, that is, whenever one goes out of any good deeds, Satkarma or Dharma karma, Suryanadi should be run and whenever the opposite comes out to do any work under compulsion, in Kusang or any act of wrongdoing. Leaves in So first take the left foot out of the threshold and enter.The first step in the crematorium should be to the left. Apart from this, eat alcohol, enter the gambling center, brothel, police station, court, etc. with the left foot, that is, the things you do not want in life but you have to do under compulsion, then in such a situation, enter such places with your left foot. . Wherever bad deeds and misdeeds occur. , Enter there by the left step.

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