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Disadvantages of eating sugar: Never eat sugar. Sugar does not contain a single nutrient that is useful to the body. The sweetness of sugar is caused by the spermose. Which does not digest in the body. It is very difficult that with whom you will eat it, it will not be allowed to digest it. The sweetness that belongs to our work is named Fructose. Everything sweet made by God, except sugar, contains fructose. The sweetness in all fruits is due to fructose. Sugar increases obesity. Sugar increases cholesterol, causing 103 illnesses. After quitting sugar, knee pain, back pain, neck pain will all be relaxed. Migraine, cold – cold, sleep will be good. There will also be benefits from diseases like snowphilia, sinus. Too much water is wasted in making sugar. The atmosphere is heavily polluted by the waste of sugar mills. Sugar has the highest sulfur content. Which is called Gandhak in Hindi. Which is used in making crackers. These sulfur does not come out after entering. Do not avoid or consume the use of TB or anything that is promoted in any way. Be sure to know the method of making that item before using it. Jaggery has all the nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, calcium etc. Nothing is added from outside to make jaggery. Be sure to eat some jaggery after meals as it also helps in digestion.

(Importance of ancient Indian kitchen)- Our kitchen is the largest medicine center in the world. The kitchen is the holiest place in the world. There are as many spices in our kitchen. All are medicines. Masala is Arabic word, it came from Persian to Arabic and entered our Hindi from Arabic. The term began to be used more and more during the rule of the Mughals. Before them this word is not used in our scriptures. In scriptures, auspicious words have been used everywhere. Changes in the kitchen in the last 25 years are the root of our disease. Such as mixes, fridges, pressure cookers, microwave ovens, bread making machines, etc. One should do body labor for 18-60 years. Earlier, people used to get tired, not bored due to body labor. Boredom is not an Indian word. The formula for calculating today\’s GDP is given by the British. The component of its calculation includes spending on the police department, if the burglaries increase or robberies increase, or all the expenses incurred to control the public increases GDP. GDP used in home industry increases. Things done in the home industry are not included in the GDP calculation. The British believed that women do not have a soul. Because such recognition has been given by the British, considered by Darshaniko. Such as – Sukrat, Aristotle, Plato, Russo etc. Similarly, women have always been at the lowest level in their civilization and culture.

(Natural and unnatural sweeteners)- Sugars are of three types – glucose, fructose and fructose. The sweetness of fruit and jaggery is due to fructose. Which is found only in things made by nature, that is, diabetic patients can also eat such items. Honey can also be eaten. Provided keep taking Triphala with them.

(Routine)– The routines vary according to each person\’s own body. It may not be the same for everyone. From the point of view of routine, the life of every person can be divided into three categories. -Bachpan (ie from the first day to 14 years), youth (from 14 years to 60 years), old age (after 60 years).

Childhood routine (routine of phlegm effects from first day to 14 years)– Kapha( Phlegm ) is more effective in childhood (from the first day to 14 years). At that time, Vata( gas) and Pitta(bile) are much less than Kapha( Phlegm) . For 14 years, 8 to 10 hours of gold is also considered to be worthwhile. By 14 years, it is possible to have the problem of vata or bile i.e. worsening of vata and bile. Sleep is very less due to the effect of Vata. Children (up to 14 years) should sleep for 8 to 10 hours. If you sleep in only two parts, it will be very good. That is, sleep for 8 hours at night and sleep for 2 hours in the day. Children from the first day to 4 years of age should get at least 16 hours of sleep. Children from 4 years to 8 years should sleep for 12 to 14 hours. Children from 8 years to 14 years should sleep for 8 to 10 hours.

The cuff is smooth and heavy. Heavy objects increase the blood pressure of the body. This is due to the greater gravity of heavy objects. Gravity is high in heavy objects. Therefore, one should sleep more in the condition of phlegm because the blood pressure of the body is always low while sleeping. Blood pressure is either normal at bedtime, either lower than normal and blood pressure is normal or slightly higher than normal in the waking state, so children should sleep within two hours of sunset. This can be done by keeping children away from TV. Impaired phlegm makes children irritable which leads to more anger. Due to worsening of phlegm, mind is not controlled due to which such a person can commit any crime. A lot of love is born under the influence of phlegm. Therefore, phlegm also produces love. Love will create harmony until Kapha is under control and it gets out of control here. So makes the person\’s nature dangerous. The total population of America is 270 million, and out of this, 30 million have children. Out of these three crore children, 30 lakh children are in jail. These children are 10, 11, 12 years old or nearby. Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland are also located in similar locations. In these countries, 65 to 60 percent of the crimes are committed by children, whatever the crime. Hence, the children of here have a deteriorated phlegm. Therefore, to control phlegm, get plenty of sleep and let it be taken. According to the nature and condition of the body, studies cannot be done under the effect of phlegm, studies are more in the effect of bile, that is, bile should increase and phlegm should decrease. After waking up after sleeping, the phlegm calms down. Therefore, the studies of the phlegm affected people can be very good at this time. According to the day, the morning time is Kafka time, so sleep will be more, such is the law of nature. Today\’s 90 percent of the school education is of no use to anyone, the school time of the children should be in the afternoon only. There is a region of phlegm from the heart to the top of the brain. There is a region of bile from the heart down to the navel. Below the navel is the entire vata region. Most of the diseases of children will be above the chest (phlegm). , As the nose will run, there will be a cold, there will be a lot of cough, these are all diseases of phlegm. After sleep to relieve the effects of phlegm, another thing is oil massage for children. Therefore, children should have oil massage daily.

Children or people with excess of tea phlegm or who have increased phlegm should not exercise. Such as – pranayam, yoga posture etc. Exercise, pranayam or yoga is very good for those who are under the influence of bile. Those with the effects of Vata should do very little exercise. Oil massage is to do more in the cuffed part of the body. Well, it should be done in the whole body. That means massage the scalp of the children more slowly but with oil, the oil will enter the body through small pores in the head and destroy the phlegm, because the oil is phlegm destroyer. Second, the main place of the phlegm (after the head) is the ear, that is, the ear should also be massaged daily with oil and a little oil must be put in the ears so that the phlegm can calm down. Eyes are the largest center of phlegm at the third number, most of the diseases of the eyes are phlegm. For example, cataract, cataract, glaucoma, redness of eyes are all diseases of phlegm.

The native cow\’s ghee can be put in the eyes of children. Oil should not be applied in the eyes. If there is no availability of ghee of the native cow, kajal can be applied in the eyes. Kajal means carbon, which plays a big role in calming the carbon phlegm. In making kajal (sauvayi anjan), cow\’s ghee, cow\’s milk, and barley turmeric, 5-7 such items are used. Milk is the most important item in the diet in case of effects of phlegm. The second item is butter, the third item is ghee followed by oil, followed by matha, followed by jaggery. All these calm the phlegm. Children should be fed with sesame, groundnut, etc. along with jaggery. All these things should be in the daily diet. All these items are heavy and heavy items help in keeping the phlegm balanced. Flour should never be fed to children, children should not be fed any flour made of refined flour or fine flour. Because fine-grained things tend to spoil the phlegm.

Massage of the body should always be done before bathing with oil and stop the massage when there is sweating (on the body) next to them. Massage should be stopped even after sweating on the forehead. One should use items that reduce phlegm while bathing. For example, gram flour, sandal wood powder, lentil lentil flour, any thick flour, moong dal flour means that children should be bathed with them and do not apply soap. Soap is made from sodium oxide, caustic soda, which is a stuff that stimulates phlegm. So, never apply soap. Multani can also take a bath with clay. Apply the soap, there is a very deep enmity of soap and eyes. Therefore, do not use it at all. Between 12 and 4 o\’clock the bile increases, at this time more things made of ghee should be fed. In the evening, feed only those things which reduce vata. The imaginativeness of the Kapha influence will be highest. Children have a lot of influence on girls, so they should tell the stories of people in the same way as children should be made. Children have a lack of vocabulary but the phlegm is balanced, their imaginativeness is higher than any normal person. The longer the stories are, the more creative the children will be. Always answer children\’s questions honestly. Due to wrong answers, children start to lose respect after a while. Children must take magazines like Chanda Mama, Amar Chitra Katha, Nandan for reading. Kapha is lightheaded in nature, instability, face will be chubby. Everything in the specialty seems new – new, the other mind would be very intense. is . This is the reason that the most favorable age of learning is considered to be up to 14 years. Kapha is rebellious in nature. Therefore, children should not be scolded and killed. More attention should be paid to the development of practical / functional knowledge of children. The journey of schooling of all the great scientists of the world was not good, that is, most of the scientists had failed in schooling of their lives. Newton was the 8th, Einstein was the 9th Fell.

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