• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
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Playing from birth to 18 years is labor.  Increase labor slightly – from 18 years to 60 years.  Do not reduce manual labor for 60 years.  Continue to reduce labor after 60 years. 

Relation of climate and routine is to Make your routine suitable to the geographical conditions of that place.  Means, adapt your routine according to where you live.

The oil should be according to the local environment and effect, cold oil is good in hot areas.  The coldest oil is coconut oil extracted from condensate.  Mustard oil is the best in North India.  Sesame oil is good for those living in Haryana, Punjab, and hilly areas. 

You can eat dry fruits or dry fruits, but according to the climate and the climate, people living in a walnut cold should eat, cashew and people of Jammu and Kashmir should eat it.  Do not eat saffron beyond December, January, February.  Apart from humans, there has been no change in the traditional activities and routine activities of any animal.  Whatever era it has been. 

Even in today\’s 21st century, nothing has changed in their lifestyle.  According to Indian Vastu, the more open space in the house, the more open your heart and mind will be, and the more the place is surrounded in the house, the more mindful the heart and mind will be.  The tradition develops where things are organized according to the weather and climate.

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Importance of Medicinal drink.


Drink the decoction of Arjuna\’s bark always in medicine.  Do not drink tea anymore.  The decoction of the bark of Arjun cleans the waste from the blood, which can prevent diseases like a heart attack.  November, December, January, February must be drunk in these four months decoction of Arjun\’s bark. 

1/2 teaspoon Arjun bark powder + jaggery – cinnamon basil leaf + lemon pepper green leaf tea + dry ginger can be drunk.  Ginger has more beneficial ingredients than ginger.  Celery buttermilk can be given to a 3-month-old baby. The possibility of getting stone from Arjuna\’s bark is slim. 

Stone lime can be in the condition of overeating otherwise not otherwise.  The decoction can be drunk in the evening but is best in the morning.  Drink a decoction.  Tea drinkers should use jaggery in place of sugar.  Acidity in the body increases with the use of sugar and there will be no need to add milk using jaggery and by adding a little lemon to this tea, you can neutralize and drink it. 

If it is possible to drink water before drinking it, then drink green leaf tea. Green leaf tea is an anti-oxidant property.  This tea is slightly better than shredded tea.  Drink Kevda or poppy water only in summer (March, April, May, June), stop drinking it as soon as the rain starts. Do not drink milk in the morning, but if you want to drink milk in the morning, then drink the gooseberry jam along with it. 

There was no nomination of tea anywhere in India before 1750.  Tea is a medicine for those who have low blood pressure.  The second number is coffee.  Tea is poison for people whose blood pressure is normal and high.  People living in cold areas have low blood pressure. 

Those who live in warm countries have a more acidic stomach than normal and people of cold countries have a less acidic stomach than normal.  The blood of the people of India goes up to 6.4-6.5-6,8 on the PH scale in terms of acidity.  Remains above 8 in Europe and America.  The blood of the people here is slightly alkaline.  Decoction of the bark of Arjun, a decoction of cumin, the decoction of Ajwain, etc. is alkaline.

#(Golden words of the day)#

\”let every form of life live in his natural state ,never try to hold lives in your hands, let the beauty fly\”.

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