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Don\’t drink water during meals, because Drinking water at the end or middle of a meal is equivalent to drinking poison. Water should be drunk at least after one and half hours. The food eaten lasts for one and a half hours under the influence of gastritis.

Water should be drunk after 1 hour for farmers and hard-working people. The stomach of the animal has the effect of gastric fire for four hours. In the mountainous region, the effect of fire will be from two to two and a half hours. Water should be drunk at least 40 minutes or more than an hour before meals. Whether you can drink as much water. Teeth as soon as you wake up in the morning – drink water first without washing your mouth. If you have two grains in your food, you can drink one to two sips of water before the end of one grain and the beginning of the second. At the end of the meal, one to two sips of water can be drunk to clear the throat./The best thing in the meal is Matha – Buttermilk, for drinking, the right time to drink is afternoon.

The second best thing is milk (of the native cow), which can be drunk after the evening meal. Drink milk while sleeping is more good. The third best thing is seasonal fruit juices, the right time after the morning meal. Juice from the fruits of cold storage will destroy the apocalypse. The juices that are made in our stomach are made in this sequence (time) to digest them.

This rule does not apply to children who are dependent on mother\’s milk (up to 3 years) because the juices in the child\’s production start only after one and a half years or two of their age. Eating fruit is considered very good by drinking juice. Because all the fiber in the juice comes out. Fiber cleans the blood. The large intestine cleanses the small intestine.

The heart, triglyceride, will control cholesterol. Drink a little black salt in juice or drink ginger juice or lime, there will never be a cold. In one glass of juice, take one-fourth teaspoon of ginger juice, equal to black salt (wheat) grains and lime. Always drink water by taking kisses, that is, drink water always in a gauntlet. There is a fire in our body to digest food and there is acid to intensify the fire and alkali is formed in the mouth. In the form of saliva, the acid and the alkali combine together and become neutral.

Acid means less than 7 pH and alkali means more than 7 pH./Neutral means PH7. Water is neutral, it is best if the stomach is always like water. A sip of water – If you drink saliva and drink more in your stomach, then it will help to soothe the acid, which will keep your stomach flat. All animals, animals, birds sip – chuck or lick – drink water. Therefore they are healthier than humans.

Water does not increase weight by drinking water by choking – that is, it remains balanced according to the texture of the body. Never drink cold water. Drink water equal to body temperature means drink lukewarm water ie drink only water between 27 to 37 (according to the season). Earthen pot water is of 27 temperature, this is due to soil effect. Drinking cold water requires extra energy to bring the stomach to normal temperature and extra blood is needed for extra energy. So that it is met by different parts.

This causes blood loss in those parts. In this activity, due to the force of gravity, most of the blood comes from the brain, followed by the blood of the heart. Due to lack of blood, organs stop functioning. Hence, it can cause diseases like brain hemorrhage, paralysis, heart attack. The first disease is coldness by drinking cold water. Because by drinking cold water the large intestine gets compressed. Write items like fridge water, ice poured water, and ice cream. Drink lukewarm water in the morning or drink water in a copper vessel (only in the morning). Never drink water in plastic and aluminum utensils, water has no properties of its own and it is absorbed in it.

Always drink water while sitting. It is necessary to drink 750 ml for people under 18, 1 to 125 liters for people between 18 and 60 years, and 750 ml for people above 60 years. /In the case of excess copper in the body, do not drink the water of copper in the morning. Do not remain barefoot at the time of drinking the water of copper vessel, that is, drink only something like wood or plastic while holding it in the feet. Standing and drinking water frequently causes two serious diseases, the first being hernia (bowel discharge) and the second is appendicitis (appendix). A disease of over 60 years of age can also be of hydrosol.

Every person can calculate the amount of water to drink throughout the day by dividing his weight by 10 divided by 2. Normally 4-5 liters of water must be drunk. Gulag drank water simultaneously puts the most pressure on the kidney. Because the kidneys (both) do the work of filtering the water in the body. In this way, drinking water does not benefit the body. Two US scientists reveal this through research. The Japanese government has incorporated this into their medical practice. The navel is the center of the entire body and in the sitting position, the gravitational force of the earth is applied to the navel, and in the standing position, the center of gravity slips from the navel. Due to the effect of the force of gravity on the navel, it has an effect on gastritis, due to which, in a sitting position in Sukhasana, eating and drinking anything quickly and completely digests. Because in this situation an additional force works. Always drink water in case of any helplessness.

When drinking water or eating anything, the force of gravity always descends to the navel. The system of piers has been in operation for thousands of years. For the body to function well, the body needs a temperature of at least 27 \’and a maximum of 47\’, because drinking cold water continuously reduces gastritis. The large intestine and the small intestine shrink. Rainwater is best. You can drink this water comfortably for one year without adding any chemicals. /By using it, you can maintain its purity. After this, the water of the flowing rivers which pass through the snowy hills or comes through the mountains is the best.

After this, the water of the ponds is good where the rainwater collects. The tap water which is filtered from the rainwater does not drink the water of MCD without boiling it. The quality of the water of R.0 decreases because the chemical used in its purification kills the nutrient content of the water. R.0\’s water is clean but not pure. In R.0 water, chlorine-fluorine is used to clean chemical water, which is very harmful from the point of view of our body, so it is best to drink water after boiling it.

Never drink the boiled water without boiling it. After boiling such water, its quality increases further. Drink the earthen pot water after Holi and till the first day of the rain. It is best to drink the water kept in the copper vessel from the first day of the rain till the last day of the rain, from the day of the end of the rain to the gold vessel till the day of Holi The water kept is good. Gold water is very good for people suffering from mental illnesses.

In underdeveloped brain disease, water kept in a gold vessel is good. Water kept in a gold vessel is the best for all diseases of cough. Cold, cough, cold, migraine (left-right) are all diseases of phlegm. All ornaments from the chest to the head are gold so that the phlegm remains controlled. All the ornaments below the chest are silver. Gold fingers are worn to deal with planetary positions.

Otherwise, the fingers should be silver. Water kept in a glass pot is best for sleeplessness and diseases of depression, once the water is heated, it can be drunk from morning to evening. The best water for the joint disease is jaundice.

#(Golden words of the day)#

\”Saving life of others is the best chance anyone can get to do in his lifetime.\”

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