• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
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Should never stop the velocities of the body, just as sleep is a velocity, it should not be stopped because diseases also arise by stopping the velocities. If laughter is coming in a smooth manner, then never stop. Laughter is caused by some different juices (produced from different glands) that are formed in the body.

There is a pineal gland in the brain that helps a lot to make laughter, some juices are formed in the pineal gland which is directly related to laughter. First, this juice will be born, then later laughter will come. This juice is produced in seconds due to emotion.

One should never forcefully laugh because (the body is of no benefit. It is complete mechanical laughter. Belarus and nonchalant laughter can ever cause a vein to rise in the stomach. This may cause stomach pain or other problems. In this case, an abdominal operation may also be required. The second is velocity, neither try to forcefully sneeze nor try to stop the sneezing.

Forced sneezing can cause 13-14 diseases. 23-24 diseases can be caused by stopping sneezing. I should drink sip-by-sip. Water without thirst – Drinking thirst in the morning is the third velocity that should never be stopped. Water can be thirsty no matter otherwise. Not in the morning. It Means Brahmo Muhrat i.e. one and a half hours before sunrise. A total of 58 diseases enter the body due to stopping thirst. Drinking water while sitting in a chair is also not a correct rule. Stopping hunger pangs enters 103 body.

The first of which disease is acidity and the last disease is the cancer of the bowels. The velocity of yawning sometimes narrows because of the low amount of oxygen in the body\’s blood. It is through this that oxygen is arranged in the blood. So never stop yawning. In this state where people are sitting higher than you, go a little farther and yawn or twist your mouth then yawning.

Nature\’s law is that the same amount of carbon dioxide will be released at the same time as oxygen is taken. Never try to stop urinary velocity. By stopping this, all the disorders of blood will take over the body. By stopping this velocity, pressure increases in every part of the body. If there is pressure on the blood, then all the glands will be pressurized. One particle of urine is due to some disease.

Frequent urination and recurrence is not a disease. In such a situation, seek the help of a specialist. Never stop stool velocity. Twice a day, no matter the time, is a normal condition and there can be a problem/disease in the condition of going more than 2 times or 3 to 3 times a day. Zara is a slightly abnormal condition. But going more than 3 times means definitely a problem/illness. Seek the help of a specialist for this. The velocity of semen should be stopped and must be stopped by sages, saints, mahants, or those who follow celibacy. It also includes all unmarried people. Those who live a household life should never stop the velocity of semen.

It is considered very bad to do this. It has been said only from the perspective of husband-husband.

Its first rule applies to unmarried people. The velocity of semen should not be artificial even for the household people, that is, it should not force the velocity of semen. This rule must be followed along with household rules. Sadhus, saints, mahatmas, brahmacharis are people of this kind of extraordinary category. That is, householders are ordinary people. The rule of drinking water is to drink poison at the end of the meal or in between. Water should be drunk at least after definite. Eating food should be done for half an hour.
#(Golden words of the day)#

\”That\’s not think only about ourselves we have to take care of all which are dear and near to us.\”

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