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Stomach diseases

#Appendix cystitis (twisting or bulging of two veins near the bowels):- Nux Omica 30/200/1000 should be cured in three to four weeks by taking one day or four days in a week. will go . Two drops three times in 10-10 minutes.

#Constipation / Air disorders / Indigestion #

After taking food by us, it is digested by the digestive system. Digestion begins with the chewing of grass in the mouth. After that the process of digestion of food starts after reaching the stomach through the esophagus. If there is any kind of obstruction in this process, then the food is not digested properly and indigestion occurs and then constipation occurs. Failure to pass stool properly is called \’Kavaj\’, this disease also occurs due to excessive stress. Waking up late at night, reducing or eating too much fried or greasy food can also be due to illness. Constipation is also caused due to grief, sorrow, worry. In this, gas starts forming in the stomach. Air does not pass, sour belching comes and nausea starts. Following are its home remedies:

Stomach diseases


Use Triphala churna at night in case of constipation or mix ghee in milk and drink it before sleeping at night, it is best.

There is a bad smell from the mouth, that means the stomach is not clean, that is, take ghee in Triphala or milk at night.

Licking ginger chutney mixed with salt starts passing gas. Drinking ginger juice mixed with lemon and mint juice provides relief in the disease, if necessary, one or two spoons of honey can also be added.

Make powder by taking equal quantity of saunth + black pepper + peepal. Take one spoon each in the morning and evening. Constipation will go away.

Constipation is cured by drinking the syrup of ripe vine or by mixing fennel powder in the pulp of the vine. It is better if you eat ripe vine directly.

Take mint juice mixed with cold sugar or jaggery.

Drinking water kept in copper vessel at night before going to defecation ends constipation.

Taking one spoon Triphala with warm milk at night ends constipation.

Constipation is cured by eating papaya in the morning and evening with food .

drinking 25 ml liter of cow urine of country cow daily, it ends constipation.

If food is not digested, then drinking Phalsa juice mixed with rock salt and black pepper is beneficial in bile disorders as well.

Raw onion juice is beneficial in stomachache, indigestion, wind (gas) and bloating.

Stomach pain and acidity #

Treatment Of Stomach Problem.

Acidity starts to form in the stomach during constipation. Sour burps come. There is a heaviness in the stomach. Didn\’t want to eat anything. The following are its home remedies: Acidity is removed by taking amla powder with plain water.

Consuming radish with food will give benefits. Mixing black pepper and sugar candy in a glass of plain water and drinking it cures pitta.

To reduce acidity, do not eat acidic things and eat more alkaline things.

Always drink water suffocatingly, follow all the rules of drinking water.

Ajwain is roasted on a griddle and mixed with some black salt, eat it after eating food.

The food items include garbage from garbage, noodles, chowmein etc., which are made from maida and that too from rotten flour and pork juice is added to these noodles to bring the taste.

It is best to eat rock salt in daily life. Eat at least the salt of sea water, do not take more than 1 teaspoon of cow urine extract and if the cow urine is pure, then take 1/2 cup, after taking it after 3-4 days, there will not be much problem in taking it.

Boil dry ginger or cumin seeds in water and give it twice a day.

# // Acidity / ulcer (any wound in the stomach or alimentary canal) – –For acidity use cumin and ginger and black salt mix with boiled water.

For ulcers , drink cumin and salt boiled in water and can also take boiled water and hadad (turmeric).

/Diarrhea and hoarding/Laxatives# This is a disease of the intestines. Having thin and foul-smelling stools is called diarrhoea.

It is mostly caused by contaminated water or due to contaminated food. There is pain in the abdomen, cramps, cramps and sometimes there is thick or thin diarrhea.

Gas is also produced. Sweat also comes and there is loss.

Following are the home remedies for this.

There are many benefits of taking mint juice. Taking powder of small pepper and some black salt mixed with honey provides relief.

Taking equal quantity of peepal and dry ginger with jaggery or sugar gives benefit.

Boil two spoons of cumin seeds in a cup of water, filter it and drink it, it provides benefit.

Mix a little black salt in a spoonful of ground caraway powder and take it with warm water.

Roast the ground turmeric on a griddle, add some black salt to it and drink it with a spoon of cold water in the morning, afternoon, evening, you will get relief.

After roasting a little fennel on a pan, make a powder and take it with whey.

Boil cumin seeds in 1 cup of water, then cool and sip and drink 3-4 times a day.

Isabgol powder is to be eaten by mixing 1 teaspoon in 1/2 cup of curd. Children have to give less than 1/2 tsp. It is also useful in ulcers and also works in leprosy. There is no need to give both together.

Nux Vomica-200 – two drops every 10-10 minutes thrice daily until you get relief. Nax Omika can be given in all diseases of Pitta.

Haiza / Cholera (vomiting, also laxatives // Nux vomica-200 can give up to two times.

(((( Jaundice)//

Jaundice disease is mostly due to impurity of water. Its The main reason is the lack of proper blood formation in the body. Due to this, yellowing comes in the body. First comes yellowing in the eyes, then the body and urine become yellow. Loss of appetite, vomiting after seeing food, mouth. There are symptoms like bitter taste, slow pulse rate etc. Along with this, itching, insomnia and weakness are felt in the body.

Following home remedies for jaundice : – Extract the juice of soft leaves of bitter neem and mix sugar candy in it and give it to the patient when it cools down. Jaundice will be eradicated from the root. Apart from this, licking neem juice and ghee(butter) with honey provides relief.

Licking Triphala powder mixed with honey in the morning and evening is very beneficial in jaundice.

Make a decoction of Triphala powder and consume it by mixing sugar candy and ghee.

Extract the juice of bael leaves and add a pinch of black pepper powder to it and drink two spoons in the morning and evening.

Make a powder of Bathua seeds and take one spoon each morning and evening with plain water.

Berbarish – Vulgeris – Give up to 3 months.

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