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Night Blindness, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments information in English.


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Night blindness occurs due to excessive dust, intense light, and a polluted environment. In this, the patient does not see at night and appears fine during the day.

Following are its home remedies:

Put the juice of basil leaves in the eyes 3-4 times a day. Putting the juice of white onion in the eyes is very beneficial in night blindness.

Putting the urine of the native cow in the eyes is very beneficial.

Putting juice of green coriander in the eyes is beneficial.

Applying pure honey to the eyes also provides great relief.

Drink Triphala powder daily before night rest and wash your eyes with soaked Triphala water at night.

Night blindness is cured by adding the juice of Bathu leaves to the eyes.

Putting doob caras in the eyes gives a lot of relief.

Mix some black pepper powder in the juice of bitter gourd leaves and apply to the outer parts of the eyes.

In this cataract, whitewash occurs on the pupil of the eyes and the vision of the patient becomes blurred. Nothing seems clear.

This disease usually occurs in old age. Following are the home remedies to cure it:

Drinking 1 glass of carrot juice in the morning and evening is beneficial in cataracts.

See, eat garlic buds soaked in water at night and drink water in the morning, it will be beneficial in cataracts.

Applying pure honey in the eyes is also beneficial in cataracts.

Make a powder by mixing an equal quantity of dry coriander and fennel and country sugar.

Drink it with water in the morning and evening. Sprouted wheat and sprouted chickpeas are beneficial in cataracts.

Mix white onion juice and honey in the proportion of 1 to 2 in rose water and put it in the eyes, it cures cataracts.

Ear diseases There can be many types of diseases in the ear. There are ear discharge, boils, pimples, ear colic, deafness, etc.


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Boils – Pimples and pain

-The following remedies can be done in case of boils and pain in the ears. Boils and pimples are cured by putting mustard oil in the ear.

Cook the cloves of garlic in sesame oil and put this oil in the ear when it cools down.

Boils and pimples are cured by putting cow urine in the ear.

Putting Iwamura in the ear stops earache.

Ear pain stops by putting juice of Dhatura in the ear.

Ear pain stops by pouring banyan milk into the ear.

Nasal diseases:

Injury to the nose or any kind of infectious disease or heat of the head often leads to bleeding from the nose. This disease is mostly seen in children. The following are the home remedies to cure it: First of all, lie the patient upright and behead them with cold water.

He will stop bleeding. Putting the juice of coriander leaves or onion juice in the nose stops bleeding.

Grind Amla and roast it in ghee and apply it to the nose.

There is a lot of benefit in eating bananas by churning them in milk. Applying a paste of soaked Multani mitti at night on the nose stops bleeding from the nose.

Mixing a little amla juice with lemon juice and putting it in the nose stops nosebleeds.

The patient gets relief by drinking buttermilk of buttermilk and curd. Make a powder by mixing an equal quantity of amla and licorice and take 1-1 teaspoon in the morning and evening with cow\’s milk.

Application of alum outside the nose also stops hemorrhage.


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