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Diseases of the mouth and gums, diseases of the eye, nose, and mouth.

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diseases of the mouth and gums.

the disease of the eye.

the disease of the nose.

# Eye and ear medicine: For any problem of the eyes, the stale saliva of the mouth is to be applied like mascara in the eyes.

For the eyes to become red, apply saliva to the eyes as well. Eyes Even if you are crooked, apply morning saliva to it.

Any stains or spots in the body such as – burn stains, white stains, black spots, eczema, psoriasis can cause any sores on the body like – boils, pimples, etc.

Morning stale saliva is very useful for everyone.

You have got eyeglasses, cataracts in your eyes, have been cataracted, have a retinal detachment.

For all of them, put stale saliva and native cow urine in the eyes. If there is water in the eyes, it becomes very useful in the eyes, then the morning saliva is very useful.

The saliva is the same active ingredient that is found in the soil, more than 20 diseases of the eyes will be cured by the very morning stale saliva and cow urine.

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Cow urine should not be from a pregnant cow, otherwise, there will be burning in the eyes, that is, the cow urine of a cow that has not become a mother is the best.

Ear diseases like– pus in the ear, hearing less than the ear, boils in the ear, pimples, ear sounds.

In all such diseases, cow urine is very useful and Aloe vera juice is also very useful. Aloe vera juice and cow urine are very useful for any kind of pain in the ear and both aloe vera juice and cow urine are very useful.

Eye diseases #(Eye soreness, swelling, and burning of the eyes) #

Pain due to cold, excess heat, or dust in the eyes, or due to KM infectious disease in the eyes starts and eyes. Due to this, water comes out from the eyes and the eyes become red. Mud starts coming out of the eyes. Following are the home remedies to remove this pain and swelling.

Applying white onion juice to the eyes reduces pain.

Eye disease is cured by eating Triphala powder, ghee, and honey mixed with ghee(butter)of the native cow and it ends the burning sensation.

Washing the eyes with rose alum in rose water eliminates irritation and swelling. Just adding rose water also gives relief to the eyes.

Add 1-1 drop of Bathu ( chenopodium alba )Juice to the eyes.

Putting juice of basil leaves in the eyes is also beneficial. Similarly, the juice of vine leaves is also beneficial.

Take Triphala powder with honey and wash your eyes with water-soaked in Triphala at night. Will get a lot of rest.

Guheri ( hordeolum )# Guerni is called eruption in the corner above the eyelids. It is like a lump and there is also mild pain. The home remedies to cure it are as follows:

hordeolum is also seated by grinding cloves in water.

Wash eyes by splashing eyes with water of Triphala powder soaked at night.

– Applying goat milk on Guheri( hordeolum ) provides relief. Rubbing small myrobalan in rose water and applying it gives benefit.

Putting pomegranate juice in the eyes is very beneficial. Grind the date kernel on the cob and apply it to the guheri(hordeolum).

Diseases of the mouth and gums, diseases of the eye, nose, and mouth

Diseases of the mouth and gums

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