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Memory loss, Aphasia, What Is Aphasia? Wikipedia, medical information, treatment, symptoms.



Weak memory is often seen in young people nowadays. It is a common complaint even in old age. When suffering from excessive anxiety or fear or affected by anger or bereavement or excessive reading, the memory power becomes weak. Following are the home remedies to cure it:

Make a powder by grinding shankhpushpi(Well-known as morning-glory, speed wheel, or Aloe weed inĀ English ) and mix half a teaspoon of shankhpushpi and 1 teaspoon honey in 250 grams of milk and take it in the morning. Taking amla marmalade with cow\’s milk dairy in the morning increases memory power. Boiling 8-10 dates in domestic cow\’s milk increases the memory power. Drink 1 teaspoon powder of licorice in cow\’s milk and lick the powder of peepal tree bark with honey. Take an equal quantity of mango juice, ginger juice, and basil leaves juice and use it with honey.

Insomnia #

Insomnia is caused by mental disturbance. This disease is caused due to excessive fatigue, wrong eating, constipation, mental stress, and anxiety, or any part of the body getting diseased. This disease is also caused by excessive drinking and drinking. In this, the patient does not sleep. When sleepy, sleep is opened with a little sigh. Hence there is always fatigue and laziness in the body.

Following are its home remedies:

Wash hands and feet well with warm water before going to sleep at night and massage mustard oil on the soles.

Mixing camphor in mustard oil or camphor in amla oil helps to get a good sleep.

Lick 1 teaspoon of onion cake in 2 teaspoons of honey.

After dinner, chewed cabbage salad – by eating chewed and eating apples, one gets better sleep by eating papaya vegetable or ripe papaya.

Insomnia disease is reduced. Insomnia is cured by grinding rosemary leaves on the soles.

Heat 1-1 drop of cow\’s ghee a little, put it in the nose at bedtime at night, tie fenugreek seeds under the thumbnails of both hands and go to sleep.

Headache #

An upset stomach may cause headaches due to indigestion or gas in the stomach. Due to pain, one does not sleep and the head starts to feel like bursting. Headaches also sometimes result in vomiting. In such a situation, the patient cannot do anything. The following are its home remedies:

Applying vine leaves to the forehead ends headaches.

Grind the sandalwood and mix camphor in it and apply it to the forehead.

Finely mash the gourd\’s anus and apply it to the forehead.

Mix a little dry ginger in the juice of basil leaves and apply it to the forehead.

Applying ground coriander on the forehead also provides relief.

Drink lemon in warm water if you have a headache due to gas.

Putting two drops of lemon juice in the ear relieves headache.

The old ghee of the native cow is lightly heated and put 1-1 drops in the nose.

Dry ginger: Mix jaggery / mishri salt in hot water and give it a bad, bad headache.

The dry ginger has to be boiled in hot water. Add a little salt and some jaggery to it and drink. 1/2 teaspoon dry ginger in a glass of water.

Nax Omika – 200 One – One drop has to be given 3 times every minute.

Nose ringing at night (snoring):

Heat a little ghee(butter) of cow and put 1 drop in the nose at bedtime. You will get rest soon.

Memory loss, Aphasia, What Is Aphasia? Wikipedia, medical information, treatment, symptoms

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