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Role of medical government role, doctor role, coconut water, doctors facts.





medical government role, doctor role, coconut water, doctors facts.

In the world, no one can get medicine depending on the government. If all people start doing their own therapy, then it is possible for everyone to get healthy. Just as doctors have increased, hospitals have increased, medicines have gone up, the problems have increased, similarly, diseases have also increased, the situation today is that neither doctors are adequate nor hospitals are adequate. In today\’s situation, only 33 percent of people can get treatment.

67 percent do not have the means to get treatment. And even these 33 percent people are not satisfied with the treatment. Medical, education, and justice should be available to every person, quality cannot be brought to any commodity with no charge.

This is the reason that today the doctor has become the commission agent, not the doctor. The same situation also exists for education and the justice system. We have to put some good things back to traditional, only then we will be able to do something good in today\’s conditions. Today, medicine has become mostly commission-based.

It is running all over the country by making a knot with the drug companies, much less. What does a doctor do? Will ask you some things like whether you feel hungry or not thirsty or not, whether you feel sleepy or not.

Whatever the doctor tells you. Explains your instructions. The person who is a patient may be the best doctor. Charaka ji, Sushruta ji, Vagbhatt ji and Parasara ji have said this. Because the patient experiences his grief and suffering deeply, no doctor can. The treatment of 85 percent of life\’s diseases is so simple that a little medical knowledge is enough for him. The remaining 15 percent of the beamers require a specialist. There are very few diseases in the share of 15 percent.

The main knowledge required for the remaining 15 percent is – know a little about your body and identify your food. Meaning little physiology, a little anatomy.

You can be a 100 percent doctor. A person who can make a subtle observation of his body can be an expert. There are many such things in the whole universe. Which together keep Vata(gastric), Pitta(bile), and Kapha(Phlegm) fine.

Points to note # Note:


All the remedies mentioned in this section will be beneficial only in the following blogs, following the rules of healthy living.

Fruit juice, very oily things, whey, and sour things should not be eaten at night.

One should not drink water immediately after eating ghee or oil items. Rather, water should be drunk after one and a half hours.

Immediately after a meal one should walk in the pure air; sleeping immediately after eating causes stomach upsets.

One should wake up early in the morning and do exercise or body labor in the air.

Water should never be drunk after walking in strong sunlight, after physical exertion, or immediately after defecation.

One should not eat only honey and ghee mixed in equal quantity, it becomes poison.

When eating and drinking anti-substances should not be taken together such as milk and jackfruit, milk and curd, fish and milk, etc. should not be taken together.

medical health.

One should never sleep with a cloth tied over his head or wearing socks.

Reading in very high or slow light, watching too much TV or cinema, consuming hot and cold things, using more chili spices, walking in strong sunlight should be avoided. If you have to walk in strong sunlight, then you should walk with a cloth tied on the head and ears.

The patient should always be fed warm or lukewarm water and the patient should be protected from cold air, hard work, and anger.

It is written in Ayurveda that sleep reduces pitta, massage reduces air, vomiting reduces phlegm, and fever is calmed by skipping (staying hungry). Therefore, these things must be kept in mind while doing home medicine.

/ If burnt due to fire or any hot thing, the burnt portion should be kept in cold water.

#/ If there is an earache, if the juice of the leaves is to be put in the ear, it should be put before sunrise or only after sunset.

One should avoid the consumption of oil, ghee, or more greasy substances.

Arginine and retardant medicines should always be taken only after meals.

In case of stool or constipation, diarrhea should be done early in the morning, not at night.

If a teenager or young woman has epileptic seizures at home, then she should not take vomiting diarrhea and should not fast.

If you want to mix it with a thin substance, then you should mix it with buttermilk, coconut water, or plain water, not in tea, coffee, or milk.

Asafoetida should always be used after frying it with native ghee. Raw asafetida should be applied to the paste.

Use one of the remedies given in the / blog at a time.

medical government role, doctor role, coconut water, doctors facts.

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