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Wrong food combination, treatment, symptoms, causes,Wikipedia, information by m.d.c.i

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Made by the wrong combination at the wrong time, with the wrong quantity, and against the season, the diet is called against food.

There are a total of 18 types of defining wrong food combination in ayurveda.

(1) Against the country-The place where there is more rain, the place with moisture and the place where the winter is more, the colder region and the place where the heat is hotter, in such a place that the order of food is also different. According to Ayurveda, it is forbidden to eat lubricated cold -cold items in a moist place, and eating more cold things in a cold state is harmful to health and eating hot things in hot regions causes stomach problems and adverse effects in the body.

(2) monsoon/Time against- Eating right at the right time, such as milk is consumed at night and curd and buttermilk should not be consumed and milk should not be consumed in the morning. The consumption of buttermilk and curd after lunch is beneficial or Eating cold and dry things in winter is harmful to health.

(3) Against Digestive fire- whose digestive fire is dim and take the master\’s diet.It is called against the digestive fire.

For example- A person with slow digestive fire should not eat heavy greasy, cold and sweet juices or sweet food, according to Ayurveda, they are called food against digestive fire.

(4) Amount against- If honey and ghee(butter) are taken in equal quantity then it is like poison,but ghee (butter) and honey consumed in different amounts are similar to nectar.

(5) Against the cooking/food nature- It is harmful to health to cooking food with the wrong method. Eating after heating honey is against cooking nature and eating sour substance in copper or brass utensils is harmful to health. Eating hot cards according to Ayurveda is very wrong for health and eating pigeon meat in mustard oil is contrary to the laws of Ayurveda.

(6) Against the weakness- people with Vata( gastric )nature should not consume Vata (gastric) enhancers and those with phlegm nature should not consume phlegm enhancers.

(7) Against potency- milk and fish should not be eaten together, according to Ayurveda white spots occurred on the body and many types of disease can occur in the body. cold property/potency substances should not be eaten with hot property substances like oranges, seasonal, pineapple, etc. Should not be consumed with curd or lassi. Do not mix two different types of potency substances according to Ayurveda.

Toxic combinations
Two different potential food like
Milk+ Fish
Butter (ghee) +Pickles/souce.

Milk+Salty chips/salty food
Milk+ Honey
Milk+sour fruits
Milk+Hot water


(8) Against Avoidances – According to Ayurveda, drinking old water immediately after drinking tea is seriously wrong . The disease can occur in the body like acidity, metabolism problems.

(9) Against treatment- ignoring avoidance during treatment is harmful for health. like eating sour things even after getting a wound due to which the wound is at risk of repening. like dry mango sauce, curd, buttermilk etc.

(10) Against combination- In the ancient Ayurveda says after mixing such things which can harm the body by eating .it is called combination against food.

Like – Milk+ Salty food
Honey+Hot water
Nonveg+Black lentils.

Milk+Water melon
Milk+musk melon
Black lentils+curd
Milk+sour items




This combination is very harmful for health according to ancient old book in ayurveda,in india and japan history.

(11) Penchant Against- According to Ayurveda, it is wrong to force food that does not look good and also to eat delicious food with anorexia and to eat even when you do not feel like eating like, in worrying, in mourning, in anger, eating in an abnormal state. So maybe digestion problems occur in the body after eating this situation food.

(12) Against quality- if you use bad quality food product fruits etc. It is responsible for bad digestion system like Raw fruits, green tomato, green tomato, bad oil fried food, deep-fried potato chips is very bad for health. In the research, we find acrylamide carcinogenic element which is responsible for Cancer disease.

Bakery item ,cake ,street food ,Chinese item ,too much use is harmful for health .This is clearly declared in Ayurveda.

(13) Ayurveda food science is very important and interested subject Indian ancient language Sanskrit sloka says.

विरुद्ध विरुद्ध अम्लम पयसा संह सर्वे फल तया।। तदत्कुलत्थ वरक कंगू वल्लम् कुष्टकतः।।

These means do not eat acid fruits or any sour fruits with milk. when milk and sour things are mixed, the milk burst, and all the properties of milk are lost.

Millet, Black lentils, Horse gram, are against milk with each one, and milk with salt is against each other. Its occur skin disease like-psoriasis, leucoderma.

भक्षयित्वा हरितक मूलकादी पयस्त्यजेत।। This is ancient Sanskrit language. It means radish and onion should not be taken immediately with milk , it is against to each other.

(14) Against sequence- The order of the diet is the first one should eat sweet and normal in the middle and lastly you can eat pungent bitter juice. If we eat sweet juices, sweets at the end of the diet there is an outbreak of phlegm problem after eating food so at the end we should eating pungent, bitter, astringent juices to eliminate the phlegm problems.

(15) शीतोष्णम नवपुराणम आमपकव च नैक ध्यमघात ।। In this sloka, It means cold things should not be eaten with warm things. Cold drinks together with food and ice cream after the food are very harmful because food produces fire in the stomach and ice cream cools in the stomach is against each other.

Raw food and cooked food are against each other. Do not bathe in cold water immediately after coming in from the Sun and do not drink cold water immediately, do not eat food immediately after working hard it is necessary to take some rest especially after exercising and there is a complaint of vomiting or stomach ache while exercising, having a full meal before exercise.

Disease due to wrong/opposite diet.

Diabetes ,anaemia ,High B.P. , abdominal disease, skin disease piles ,fever ,hemoglobin, digestive dysfunction , leanness, weakness ,vomiting infertility etc.

Knowledge of diet against all these is described in the scriptures.

#(Golden words of the day)#
it\’s because of food we all work, and many are there who are unable to earn a three times meal for them, so instead of wasting food try to feed others.


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