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In the afternoon most of the left side (Vamakukshi) should lie down.  After eating the food, sit for 10 minutes in Vajrasana.  It is necessary for the afternoon and walks in the night.  It is best if the head is in the direction of the sun while resting. 

While breathing while sleeping, the stomach should be swollen and suppressed.  While working, one should always breathe through the chest.  One should always sleep straight at night, lower back, belly up.  The sleeping position of children is very good. 

If there is any helplessness, head towards the south and sleep otherwise.  Head north and never sleep.  North is the direction of death for sleeping.  Those who do not sleep should first lie on the right side.  If Chandranadi is active then sleep will be very good. 

The hands should be at the junction of the chest and abdomen.  Should always lift from the right side.  At the time of menstrual cycle, women should sleep on the stomach for 3-4 days.  The uterus may dilate at the time of the menstrual cycle.  During menstrual cycle, sleeping in the asana is good for women.  People over 60 years of age can sleep by keeping the other leg on top of one leg. 

Sleeping on the stomach is more likely to cause a hernia.  The appendix may also occur.  Prostate problems may occur.  If you want to read – write or do any practice, then the north direction is the best.  A force acts between the Earth and the body which we call the force of gravity.  For the force of gravity, both the North Pole of Earth and the South Pole of Earth are the most intense and act as a magnet. 

The magnet has two heads, the north, and the south.  The north of the body is the head and the south foot, that is, when the head is in the north direction, the repulsion force will work which will cause contraction in the body.  This will also cause pressure in the blood.  Because of which sleep will not come properly. 

The heart rate will also be faster./By reversing the same, ie the head in the south and the feet in the north, the force of sleep will work and will pull your body due to which the body will get rest and sleep will be good.  Doing so provides benefits in most mental diseases. 

The east direction is neutral, where neither the force of action nor the force of repulsion works, and even if it is, it is in a balanced state.  No clear information has yet been received on the west direction for gold.  All the people except the householder should head towards the east and sleep. 

And all the householders should head south and sleep.  For children whose length is not increasing according to their age, such children should head towards the south and put them to sleep.  Length will become normal in 4-5 years.  Those who do manual labor should sleep at least 8 hours, those who do not do physical labor should sleep for 6 to 6:30 hours. Everyone, except the householder, should keep his head in the east direction while sleeping.  The householder should head in the south direction. 

It is best to sleep on the back.  It is best to lie down on the left side (Vamakukshi) to lie down after lunch in the afternoon.  At least 10 to 12 minutes, after this, one should sleep straight after 5 minutes to 10 minutes on the right side.  After this, one should sleep on the left side (left-wing) for 10 to 15 minutes on the back.  Chandranadi means left nose, Surya Nadi means right nose. 

Refined When the left nose is activated, the brain or the left part of the brain is activated.  In the same way, when the right nose moves, the smooth right part of the brain is activated, the right part of the brain is related to digestion.  Apart from this, abusing, angry, beating, killing, killing someone, or humiliating them, all such bad luck is related to the right side of the brain, love, love, belongingness to the left side. 

, Camaraderie, a feeling of respect for another.  All the virtues of this type, the left side of the brain slows down the process of digestion.  One should sleep only after two hours of evening meal and in this two hours the food has been digested.  Therefore, late lying is not for digesting food. 

Therefore, one should sleep on the right side first at night.  It is best to sleep by laying a mat of Kush on the ground.  At bedtime, neither the conductive position between the ground and the body should be high nor the illiquid position is high.  While sleeping or having sexual intercourse with the wife, one should always sleep in the south direction because the north pole (the north pole of our body is the brain) in the south direction and the south pole acts as an attractive force between the two of the earth, which at the time of sexual intercourse  Has been considered very good for. 

Therefore, whenever you sleep or have sexual intercourse with the Pali, you should sleep with your brain in the south direction.  Sleeping on the maximum ground is best for the body.  Just keep in mind that the laying should be thinner than thinner.  Sleeping on the ground, sitting on the ground, eating on the ground, and dying on the ground have been considered very important in the scriptures.  Therefore, being on the ground while leaving life is considered the best death.

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