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Eat pure oil to keep Vata(Air/gastric) balanced.  Refined, double refined, triple refined mana poison.  The oil which is found after passing in miles, is pure oil, while refining the oil, it removes the grease of the oil. 

Oil becomes water after lubricating. Once lubricated oil is extracted, it is refined oil.  Double withdrawals are double and triple withdrawals are refunded. 

Eat lube but see which one is eatable and which one is not edible.  There are two types of smoothness(lube). One good, the other bad smoothness(lube). Eat a good smoothness.  Good smoothness increases HDL in the body.  That which is bad lubricity increases.  LDL and VLDL, they are dangerous. 

The body becomes like sucked mango due to not eating good smoothness.  The body glows by not eating greasy.  Sesame oil is good for those living in icy areas and mountainous areas.  Pure oil has good smoothness.  The coconut oil, mustard, sesame, and groundnut are added directly to the mill, which is the same oil.  Impure oil – refined oil, triple refined oil, Dalda, do not eat vegetable oil. 

Eat the oil that suits your taste.  Mustard oil is good for those living in the plains and coconut oil is good for those living on the sea shore.  There is no disease of Vata with pure oil.  There are a total of 80 diseases of vata – such as knee pain, back pain, neck pain, joint pain. 

The pure oil machine costs Rs 50,000.  The wood crusher is 10 feet long and 10 feet wide is made for about 20,000 rupees.  All types of oil are extracted from the same machine, such as mustard, sesame, peanuts.  The oil pellet of the wood kolu will not cause vata.  The viscosity of the oil is the most important component of the oil. 

Scientists say so.  The oil that does not have viscosity is not oil.//The best thing to keep Vata in harmony is the oil in which you make vegetables.  Oil means pure oil ie straight oil derived from the oil condensate.  Do not eat refined oil without adding anything.  6-7 chemicals are used to refine any oil. 

12–13 chemicals are used in double refining.  All these chemicals are inorganic chemicals made by humans.  Inorganic chemicals make poison.  These chemicals used in the name of modernity are becoming poison in everyone\’s body.  There is a lot of protein in the oil. 

Oil is the organic component of oil-derived bass.  There are a total of 5 types of proteins for protein.  Which disappear with oil with the extract of bass (oil).  After both these things come out, there is no oil, no oil, it becomes water.  Therefore, eat pure oil only. 

Refined oils have come from the last 20 – 25 years.  HDL is made in the liver by eating pure oil.  Which is necessary for the body.  HDL controls Vata only.  Peanut and sesame oil increase HDL. 

So, do not be afraid at all.  Obesity is caused by increasing VLDL and LDL, that is, when HDL increases, LDL and VLDL will start decreasing due to which obesity will start to decrease and the stomach will go inside.  Cow ghee is best for those who live a life of celibacy, followed by sesame oil, followed by peanut oil, then coconut oil, followed by mustard oil.  For household people, oil should be consumed according to the effect.

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