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Curd is prohibited with bridal.  Eat yogurt with lentils by changing it.  To change the effect, give cumin + black salt / rock salt + Ajwain Chhokn / Baghar( condiment ).  Only then drink curd, whey, or buttermilk.  Never eat hot food and cold ice cream.  Never eat two antagonists together. 

Whose merits and demerits are against each other.  There are a total of 103 items which are completely against each other.  Like – onion and milk.  Eating milk and onion together will cause at least 20 diseases in which there will be more skin diseases. 

Diseases like psoriasis, eczema scabies, itching will be more.  Never eat milk and jackfruit.  Both are known enemies of each other.  Jackfruit is considered to be prohibited despite being alkaline.  Jackfruit contains a lot of protein, which is necessary to digest it alone. 

Never eat milk and citrus fruits or their juices together like orange moss, grapes, etc.  You can eat milk, apple, and carrot along with ripe mangoes.  Chiku bananas can be eaten with milk.  All the sour things made by God except Amla are milk.  Sour can not be eaten with milk.  Do not eat honey and ghee together.  It is the world\’s worst poison.  Never eat urad dal and curd together. 

Urad Dal is the king of pulses.  So eat it alone.  Eating urad dal and curd continuously for 6 or 8 months can cause heart disease like heartburn.  If urad dal is bigger than yogurt – never eat big.  You can eat big moong dal.  But whatever the curd or matha, it is sprinkled.  You can eat urad dal with big chutney only.  Mother\’s pulses have the highest protein.  Any acidic thing inhibits the digestion of high protein.  Hence, eat urad dal alone.  If it is necessary to show, then keep the difference of one and a half hours.

  Mixing the urine of cow or its cow dung in honey and ghee is given somewhere during the rites of birth of children, but it should not be done.  If the child wants to lick, then empty ghee or honey.In a situation in which the toxin acts as a medicine.  So in such a situation, children can be given ghee and honey together.  Just like some children, after birth, their body starts changing rapidly to copper color, in such a situation, that child must also mix ghee and honey.  But this is not good for a normal child. 

English medicines should not be taken along with Ayurvedic medicines, otherwise, it\’s.  The results can be bad.  Never eat two opposing things together.  Like milk and yogurt cannot be eaten together.  Do not eat anything made of milk and curd together.  Because the nature of both is different.  Kadhi and kheer cannot be eaten together.  Never eat honey and ghee together. 

Take jaggery and ghee together.  There should be a difference of at least one and a half hours between the two diets.  Yogurt should always be eaten with sweet things, except sugar.  Never eat curd with salt.  Yogurt is eaten for bacteria.  This is the home of millions of bacteria.  By adding salt, all the bacteria of curd die, due to which there is no benefit of eating curd. 

Do not use any salt or milk or drink milk or eat anything made of milk with salt, except rock and black salt.  Never eat both hot and cold things together in Taseer.  Can eat ice-cream, can eat candy .  Kulfi should be eaten slowly i.e. eat Kulfi after putting it in the mouth for a while.

#(Golden words of the day)#

\”we as humans with education has less helping Nature than animals which are always ready to help each other.\”

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