• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
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The human body is the one who attains salvation. A person who removes his sorrows and performs the work of removing the sorrows of others is the one who deserves salvation. It is not important that success is not achieved. Try honestly, this is very important. Three types of sorrows have been told all over the world.

(1) somatic grief (body grief, (2) divine grief (God-given grief), (3) material grief (grief of poverty). A person who is free from these three sorrows and attempts to liberate others also. It is the person who is entitled to salvation. The stomach is the biggest role to remove body sorrow.

90 percent of the sorrows are related to the stomach. 10 percent of sorrows are in addition to the stomach. That\’s why the most attention is on the stomach. It should be kept. These are 90 percent of the number of diseases. 14, there was no co-damnation in our society, there was no competition.


The DNA of the people of India is more motivated by religious things. All the religions of the world have originated from the East. That is, they have originated from Asia, and the countries of Asia are warmer than the western countries. The land of India is the land of the Middle Passengers, do not become a fugitive or be more renunciate. In this Gita, Shri Krishna Bhagavan Have said.

There is a pain in being born, death is painless, it has been written in the scriptures. Death is called a celebration in the scriptures of the world. That is why no person has to die from the pain of diseases, some such arrangement will have to be made.

According to the scriptures of India, the deeds of all people in India or in its civilizational culture, are done for the purpose of attaining salvation. Feeding water to the thirsty and feeding bread to the hungry is a very religious task. Use more and more natural things.
Let all the people of the world be strong. After one person is cured, heal another. Do not bring useless things to the house. Use only the things made around you.
Those whose economic status is not strong, their political position is also weak and whose religion is not strong, their religion is also not safe.
Culture and civilization also cannot be safe, spend your blood and sweat earnings carefully, because the country will be poor if you are poor. Sheep – should not do the trick. Today, a country like America is indebted to China due to a lack of control over expenditure. To reduce costs, save more. Because the money you save will work indirectly in the country, that is, it will not take that much money from outside, you will take work from you.

#(Golden words of the day)#

\” The life is a precious gift to all by God and saving the precious life of someone means you have done something which makes you near to God.\”

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