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If you think you have enough money for life to survive in this world but no extra money for health problems and medical issues. Let me tell you one thing, in this world 90% of people don\’t know how to live without getting I\’ll and health problems.

There is always a science behind every human thing and related to nature. Every person is in trouble by disease, he earns money by hard work in the life race and spends the same money in curing diseases.
This is the same thing that started from where they came back. Is this what we will do throughout our life on earth? No, today I have brought a ray of hope for you in this website, who will tell you about new science and you will get to enjoy your healthy life in full for this, you have to do something in life, till today you have been doing it for others, today you will have to become your own doctor.

And on this website, your real education will start and new healthy life will begin. As you know in many countries like Japan and India, humans were older. Even today, there are many people in these countries who are close to 100 years of age or even older. The reason for this is the science of eating food and digesting it. Hundreds of years ago in India. sage sages told this science.

This knowledge from India reached many small countries like china and japan by sage (maharishi) Bodhi dharma but in today\’s era, they are on the verge of disappearing. In India, this sage vaghbhatt has started many rules of staying healthy. whose science will be found on this website, so you can make this website your friend and if there is a good change in your life, then share it with your friends too. Ayurveda is a multi-million-year-old discipline. Maharishi Charaka taught us to be healthy with herbal medicine. He has also done the most on herbs in India.

Maharishi Sushruta gave us a lot of knowledge about surgery. Sushrut Santa and charak Santa Granth(HolyBook) Gave us a lot of knowledge about surgery. Surgery was the first invention of surgery in India and all the scientists of the world believe that India taught surgery to the whole world. Maharishi Vagbhata taught the practice of \’not falling ill\’. Lord Maharishi Vagbhatt believed that God never makes anyone sick. Except for humans, none of the diseases fall ill.
No animal living in the forest gets sick. All animals – animals are their own doctors. That is, they cure their diseases on their own. Such creatures fall ill only then.

When they are taken out of their environment and domesticated. Therefore diseases start with human contact only. The results of the sources told by Maharishi Vagbhata are effective in the environment of India as well as outside India. The formula for staying healthy is the main 50 formulas out of 7000 formulas.

It also has the main 15 sutras which are very important. The rule of cooking food: If you do not get the touch of sunlight and wind while cooking food, then do not eat those meals. That food is a slow poison. While cooking food, the food must have sunlight and a touch of wind. While cooking food, maximum prana air (oxygen) will prove to be food and that is very beneficial for your body. Do not take pressure cooker food. Most pressure cookers are made of aluminum and aluminum is the worst metal for cooking, storing, and cooking. Eating aluminum utensils repeatedly can lead to 48 similar diseases like diabetes, arthritis, bonitos, TB, asthma, etc. Scientists say so.

According to science, a pressure cooker puts additional pressure on the food to cook. In the pressure cooker, only 3% of the micro-nutritious children are in the food. Molecules break down, do not ripen. Eating aluminum utensils reduces the repulsive capacity of the body.

Aluminum has come to India a hundred and a quarter hundred years ago. Aluminum is the heavy element that keeps on accumulating in the body, the escrita system which is the mechanism to get the poison out, it never ejects the aluminum and later causes serious diseases like asthma, asthma, tuberculosis.
Aluminum is forbidden in modern medical science. Diseases up to cancer are caused by pressure cookers. Aluminum vessels are also the reason for Kidney failure. mentax HY – SLIMS Aluminum is a very good metal for making missile vehicles. Because it has the highest capacity to withstand pressure.

Nickel and chromium are two chemicals used to make stanelases, which are very heavy metals. Silverware is the best. There are such arrangements of the body in which light metals get out of the body and heavy metals do not come out of the body. That is, it keeps accumulating in the body. Therefore, aluminum is a heavy metal that keeps on accumulating in the body. Does not come out of the body. Similar chemicals are arsenic, mercury (lead), etc.
Do not eat or drink anything in the refrigerator because the refrigerator uses 12 such gases to reduce the temperature against the laws of nature. Which are called CFC in the language of science. Chloro – fluorocarbon, which also contains chlorine, is also fluorine and also has carbon dioxide. In the dictionary of chemistry, chlorine means poison, fluorine means excessive poison, and carbon dioxide means the most poison.

AC also does the same thing. The refrigerator releases all three gases continuously and the AC also releases a total of 12 gases. Therefore, every object kept in it remains under the influence of these gases. These gases are so intense that they also get out of the steel utensils. If you are eating anything kept in the fridge, then you are eating slow poison. The refrigerator was invented for use in cold countries, never eat anything from a microwave oven. In a microwave oven, you keep something, only one part of the object is heated to heat. Any object should be equally heated from all sides.
Microwave ovens are also for cold countries.

To reduce global warming, everyone will have to reduce or change the use of refrigerators. How about your salt Never eats iodine salt. Always eat sangha or black salt. High BP and Low BP both have salt medicine. Those who have high blood pressure should take a bath or add sea salt or rock salt to the water while bathing. Tap soap for at least 15-20 days.
Those whose blood pressure is low should be mixed with salt. Iodine salt induces impotence. Iodine salt is closed in all countries of the world except India. Compulsions (imperatives) have been removed from iodine salt. So you can eat rock salt or black salt. Eating iodine salt does not produce children in Denmark. The government gets rewards for producing more children there. There is no need to reduce the population in India, there is a need for proper distribution of resources.

Rock salt reduces toxins the most. Black salt also reduces toxins. Use rock salt only when cooking food. Milk can be consumed after eating rock-salted food. Turmeric should also be added in a small amount more than usual, which will reduce the poison slightly. The sodium salt is most commonly found in rock salt and black salt. A slight lack of sodium can cause paralysis. Lack of sodium can also lead to voiding. Marine/iodine salt contains 3 to 4 micronutrients, which are useful to the body. Rock salt has 94 micronutrients that are used by the body. Seawater is not friendly to humans, due to which sea salt is also not friendly to the body. Therefore, all the uneven complexities of the body increase.

#(Golden words of the day)#

\”when you want something good to be done then forget the rules of untouchability ,cast ,colour rather remember humanity ,peace and love.\”

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