• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
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The practice of seaweed has already started only 60 years ago. In the daily diet, the body meets the demand for essential iodine, that is, the body does not have the need for additional iodine. Because iodine demand is high in the body, impotence increases. Salt moisture is extracted to make the salt free flow and salt is the only property that holds moisture. Aluminum silicates are added to remove moisture. Which is very dangerous. The second is the chemical potassium iodate which is unnatural.

Both these chemicals cause many complications in our bodies.
Iodine salt is required in cold countries. Utility of pottery The soil of the farm is a treasure house of mico nutrients. According to the time it takes to cook food in the field, it also takes time to cook at home. This is the principle of nature. Soil is pure.

Our body is made of clay, so the micronutrients that our body needs are turned into ash. This ash contains the same mico nutrients that are in the soil. Eat cooked food in an earthen pot. Food cooked in an earthen pot does not deteriorate quickly and it does not reduce any mico nutrients in cooking. Cook in an open pot of clay, bronze, brass, or steel. 100 percent of the pottery remains in the pottery, 96 percent in the bronze vessel, and 93 percent in the brass vessel.

The clay pot is biodegradable. Because after being destroyed, they are mixed again in the soil. Diabetes patients should eat cooked food in an earthen pot. TVS Group, which owns an empire of thousands of crores, uses pottery in their home.
Mistress of Reliance Group. Kokila sister makes roti on clay pan. Calcium, phosphorus, iron, and 18 similar elements are there in the role of micronutrients in making the body. People who have a crush on their back. Comes out, they are very deficient in phosphorus in the body. Lack of blood in the body is due to iron deficiency. In the case of asthma and asthma, there is a deficiency of sulfur in the body.

The best utensils are clay pots. Glass utensils or objects are also in the soil, so the soil is the mother of all the essential micronutrients of the body. Elements like phosphorus sulfur, zinc magnesium, manganese, iron are found in the soil. The result of the austerity that the soil has done in the sunlight for millions and millions of years is that all the nutrients are present in the soil which an organism needs which is connected to this soil in some way or the other. Most children underwent surgery due to calcium and iron deficiency.

Are born by Pure wrought iron utensils are better than stainless steel utensils. Before cleaning the iron pan or other utensil, squeeze the lemon and rub it with the peel, after that clean the utensils. Black clay griddle is best for wheat bread. Red clay griddle is good for wheat bread. In most temples in India, Prasad is made in an earthen pot. In India, cook food in utensils. The soil is a bad conductor of heat. Self-medicated patients, in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and many other states, crores of people still cook food in an earthen pot. Soil is a bad conductor of heat. The flour mill does not have 48–50 illnesses. The uterus is soft.

Children born with cesarean have very poor ability to fight diseases, they fall ill a lot. Children who are not born with Caesarean as opposed to it, their mind is fully developed and imagination is more. Bread should be eaten within 48 minutes. Wheat flour should not be more than 15 days. The rest of the dough should not last more than 7 days. If daily, it is best.

The bread of home flour is digested even when it is eaten more, but when the bread of the market flour is high, it starts producing gas. Helps in losing weight. (The mill should be run for 15 minutes daily.) Many problems of the uterus begin after 45 years. Mensile cycle closes. The menopause period begins which is more painful than when the child is born. There are some problems that no one understands.

Suddenly you sweat, then you start to get cold in a while, then your face turns red in a while. These problems cannot be eradicated but they can be controlled. It can be used to control the mill and cob-watt, more power comes on the stomach than running cob-watt. There are a number of side effects to control by eating medicine. Hormones replacement technique HRT leads to weight gain. Our appeal is of low-speed equipment. Naturally, there is more outbreak of air among the people of a host country.

Air condition / One thing should be done at a slow pace. In colder countries, the air is very less. And bile, phlegm are more enlarged. The whole action is fast to increase air. Death increases quickly due to the increase in air. Eating fresh things does not cause 28-30 common diseases.

Therefore, eat only the flour of the home grinder. Rules of food: Any food should be consumed within 48 minutes of cooking. After this, the nutrition of food starts decreasing. The food becomes rancid after 4 hours. Apart from India, no country in the world knows how to make bread. It is possible to get hot roti in India only in the entire world. Hot roti khana is not available in any other country.

Stale food is also not meant to feed animals. While eating food, chew the food so that there are as many teeth. By doing this, the saliva of the mouth goes more and more into the stomach and helps in digesting the food. Eat water and drink food. Chewing – Chewing food does not increase obesity. In the climate of India, you can eat stale food in 365 days and only one day.

Basoda (a festival) On this day, stale food is good according to the state of the body’s Vata, pitta, and phlegm. There is also scientism behind the festivals of this country. Never see an object that is very shiny or smooth to look at, such as greens, vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc. After bringing such items, add rock salt and boil it and add it in boiled water (after being slightly cooled), which will reduce its poison slightly. FE is more important than treating diseases, avoiding diseases. Therefore, digesting food is more important than eating food. If the food is digested, then the juice will be made and out of the same juice, meat, marrow, blood, feces, semen, semen, bones, bones will be formed. Drinking water at the end or middle of the meal is equivalent to drinking poison.

In the process of digesting the food, the food will be converted into juice (after the pulp is formed). Of food / As soon as it comes in the mouth, fire is illuminated at the place of gastric. One who digests food and after drinking water, the fire is extinguished and the digestion of food stops. Just as the water is extinguished on the fire of the stove and the food stops cooking, similarly the digestive process of the gastric space also stops.

And after that, the food will not be digested, it will be rotten. If the food is rotten, then the most worn air will be formed and 103 diseases will be caused by the wind. Such as – acidity, hyperacidity, ulcer, peptic ulcer, hemorrhoids, folliculitis, fracture, similarly the last is the disease – cancer. Degradation of food will only lead to poor cholesterol. There is 2 underlying cholesterol in the body. A good one (HDL) and a bad one (LDL and VLDL) are heartburn, knee joint, stiffening of joints, etc. due to the increase in cholesterol.

It is best to eat fruits cooked by nature in the morning, that is, eat fruits after sunrise and before sunset. Determine the time of a meal, that is, eat only when the gastric fire is intense.

#(Golden words of the day)#

\”See the talent in your kids and then increased them to choose as their field in which they can master in the future.\”

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