• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
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The glass does not belong to India, the glass came from Europe, and Portugal from Europe.  Is the lotta of India.  A lota that is in a sphere.  A lota is never a linear one.  A linear utensil is not good, keeping the water in the pot brings the quality of the vessel into the water. 

The surface clearance of each round object is less because the surface area of ​​round objects is less.  Therefore, the surface of the water will also be less in a round object, ie a lotus-shaped object.  Any food or drink of surfactants excess is very bad in terms of health. 

Because the extra pressure that gives pressure to the body comes through it.  The greatest quality of water is cleaning.  Excess of surfactant water does not cleanse the large intestine and small intestine properly.  By applying an object of less surfacing, it opens the mouth of the skin a little more (in the second position), due to which the waste is easily passed out of the body.

Similarly, the water of less surfacing is slightly higher than the mouth of the large intestine and the small intestine.  It opens, due to which more and more garbage gets out of them i.e. out of the body.  Conversely, drinking more water from water will increase the intestinal surf action, due to which the intestines will shrink and the waste from the intestines will not be cleaned properly. 

Anything opens as stress decreases.  Due to this waste, the condition of diseases like Mooladhya, Bhangdar increases in the body.  Therefore we should always drink water kept in round things.  Because water kept in all-round things is best.  Whether it is the water of lota, well, pond, Pokhara.  More bad water is in the ocean.  The rainwater comes down only after being rounded.  Their surfacing is less.  The surfactants of every cold water are increased.  And there is less surfactant of lukewarm water.

Sick people should always drink hot water.  The water should be cooled by heating it before placing it in any vessel.


Usefulness of saliva

Saliva is the best medicine in the world.  It has very high medicinal properties.  Applying saliva to an injury cures the injury.  It takes one lakh glands to produce saliva.  You can spit only when the phlegm is very enlarged, otherwise, saliva should never be spit. 

Morning saliva is very alkaline.  Its pH is around 8.4.  Pan should be eaten without catechu, betel nut, and zarda (tobacco) so that its saliva does not spit.  Catechu and zarda cause cancer, so they cannot be taken in with saliva.  Darker flora protects against diseases such as cancer, diabetes, asthma. 

The darker the color of the plant, the bigger the medicine.  Add native paan (a dark color which is Casella), add lime equivalent to wheat grains, add fennel, add celery, cloves, big cardamom, rose juice (gulakanda) and eat it.  The saliva of Brahma Muhurta or saliva of your stale mouth should be applied as soon as you wake up in the morning.  The wound heals in 15-20 days and within 3 months the wound will heal completely.

  The animal will heal all its wounds by licking and saliva contains the same 18 nutrients that are in the soil, any kind of stains and spots on the body, by applying morning saliva, it will cure everything within 1 year. 

is.  Diseases like eczema and psoriasis can also be cured with morning saliva. Results are obtained within 1 year. Applying morning saliva to the eyes increases eyesight and removes eye goggles.  Reddening of the eyes is cured within 24 hours by applying saliva in the morning.  Morning – morning saliva corrects the eyes that are crooked, that is, the disease of squint in the eyes.  Apply morning saliva (stale) to the black spots under the eyes.  The alkalinity of saliva in the mouth decreases after 48 minutes of waking up in the morning. 

All the toothpaste is anti-alkaline.  It contains the chemical, sodium laurel sulfate which dries the salivary glands completely.  The nectar of neem  The saliva produced while chewing should be drunk.

#(Golden words of the day)#

\”If you are good in your actions and helpful in your mind then you will sometimes even help those who are your biggest enemies.\”

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