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Always make a habit of eating something or eating it little by little. Jathargni is the most intense for two and a half hours from the rise of the sun, that is, eat heavy food at this time, that is, have lunch within 9:30 am or eat garish than from garish than Skip breakfast and have lunch directly.

The best time for Jathargni to work from sunrise to two and a half hours is from 7:00 am to 9:30 am. The best time for the heart to work is, two and a half hours before the Brahmamuhurt i.e. from 2: 00-2: 15 pm to 4: 00-4: 30 pm, the heart becomes the most active and the most heart attacks occur during this time. Huh.

Lunch should be half of the morning meal. The evening meal should be half of the lunch, that is if you eat 6 rotis in the morning. So take four roti in the afternoon and take two roti in the evening /In the afternoon, gram and jaggery or groundnut and jaggery or chikki can also be eaten. Eating too much Chikki can cause blood in the nose; Chikki can be immediately changed by taking a little sotchat on excessive intake.

The satisfaction of the mind in food is greater than the satisfaction of the stomach. After eating food that is not satisfied with the mind, mental diseases start to occur after 10-12 years. Depression-like illness begins to enter the body. In such a situation, there can be a total of 27 types of diseases.

Every creature in the world except human beings follows this formula. Afternoon, the intensity of gastritis starts decreasing. But at sunset, the intensity of gastritis increases. Like the light of an extinguished lamp increases when it is extinguished. So never eat dinner.

A meal should be taken 40 minutes before the sunsets. that’s good. You can only drink milk after the sun sets, in which the milk of the native cow should always eat only the food sitting on the ground, that is, eat it in Sukhasana. While sitting in the Sukhasana, the blood flow on the underside of the thighs stops.

Due to which the whole blood remains in the stomach, which helps a lot in digesting the food. In this condition, gastroenteritis is the most intense. The navel keeps charging due to the effect of the force of gravity. Sitting in a chair reduces its intensity and standing reduces its intensity completely.

There are many chakras in the body that have an effect on gastritis. While eating food, the food should be kept at a slight height from the ground, in addition to Sukhasana, the milk which is turned out of the cow. You can eat food in that too.

This mudra is for those who do manual labor, that is, for farmers or laborers. Eating food while sitting in Sukhasana does not leave the stomach. But eating food on the dining table makes the stomach go out. Sit in the dining table chair and eat food in Sukhasana.

Every joint has the fluvial flu for lubricants. The more the body is close to the Earth or is under the influence of the force of gravity, the more the body will benefit./ Immediately take at least 20 minutes of rest in the morning or after lunch. Vishwanath should lie down in Vamukhi\’s position, that is, lie in the posture of lying on the Sheshnag of Lord Vishnu.

There are three nadis in our bodies. Surya Nadi, Chandra Nadi and Middle Nadi. Surya Nadi helps in digesting our food. (Vamakukshi) Surya Nadi starts as soon as we lie on the left side. Surya Nadi becomes active as soon as it is eaten in a healthy person’s state.

Do not stop sleeping when you sleep during the legislation. The afternoon rest should be 40 minutes to 1 hour for people from 18 years to 60 years. For people over the age of 18 years and 60 years for the year, one hour and a half should be rested for 1 hour. While digesting food, blood comes from all parts of the body towards the stomach, due to which laziness increases in the body.

Therefore the brain wants to relax. Because of which sleep occurs. The importance of getting sleep after lunch is being researched all over the world, as a result of which many companies give their employees a chance to sleep after lunch. Employees who are allowed to sleep Their ability to work has increased threefold. The blood pressure of the body increases after eating food.

Therefore, one should take a rest for 20-40 minutes after eating either morning or lunch. Blood pressure means too much blood in the brain. Therefore, it is necessary for the blood to be in the stomach to digest food. BP increases more by working after eating; BP increases while doing any work and BP decreases by not working. Which is naturally necessary. Therefore, the incident should also be done immediately after the increase of BP. Blood pressure also increases under the pressure of the sun.

At least two hours after the evening meal should never be taken immediately. Immediately sleeping will start entering diseases like heart attack, diabetes. The time of the moon comes immediately after the evening meal, which by nature/ It is cool due to which the blood pressure is low at night. So rest for at least two hours after dinner. Do some work in these two hours or take a walk of at least 1000 steps, an evening walk is more beneficial than a morning walk.

At least 10 minutes after eating food, definitely sit on bajasana. If, for some reason, you are not able to follow the rules after eating food in the morning and evening. So it would be very beneficial to do so. While eating food, the mind and mind should remain calm, otherwise, the digestive juices will decrease in the stomach and this type of deficiency will not completely digest the food. Before taking food or while eating food, both mind and mind should be relaxed through bhajan, mantra, or any prayer of God.

Never eat food while sitting in Bjasan. Honey can also be given after meals. It is not right to do so according to Jain\’s philosophy. Always adapt the food to the climate and the atmosphere. Once the food is heated and kept in the fridge, do not heat it again and try to use it after 48 minutes after removing the items kept in the fridge.

Be sure to eat a drink of lime and native green leaves after the meal of the day. But never eat more than one drink in a day. Those who are in or out of the stone should never dance. Never eat an item of very low and very high temperature from the body.

Like ice cream etc. Eat all alkaline things after the sunsets. As much as acidic things are eaten before the sun sets, such as mild sourness, juicy things. Never lose weight by fasting or dieting because it reduces the protein in the body. In the body due to which weight will be reduced on one side and joint pain will increase on the other side.

#(Golden words of the day)#

\”Those who can spare time from their busy schedules to help and serve our Earth ,is the best work we can do in our lives.\”

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